1. NHenn

    Furcifer Campani Hatching - Canvas Chameleons

    It is with great honor that we can officially announce the first captive born Furcifer campani (Jeweled Chameleon) here in the United States. F. Campani is known to be one of the most difficult chameleons to breed in captivity and very little is actually known about their specific...
  2. therdeye

    Help! F. campani egg incubation...

    Hello all! I've been trying to find information on keeping, breeding and incubating campani and I haven't really found any concrete info other than very general montane species care. I've been able to acclimate my pair quite nicely, but my female recently laid a clutch of 8 eggs. I've read...
  3. One Whole Inch Of Cuteness

    One Whole Inch Of Cuteness

    First Hatched Furcifer Campani in US
  4. Charles The Campani

    Charles The Campani

    Furcifer Campani male displaying courtship coloration
  5. Furcifer Campani

    Furcifer Campani

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