1. Littlehorn

    Growth of one of my C. parsonii

    Hi all, I guess it has been a busy year for all of us. Just would like to do an update and share some data on the growth of the yellow-lip male parsonii that I acquired in June, 2009 1./ This boy came in at around June, 2009 at the age of 4months, the picture below was taken in Sept last...
  2. Cooper Looking Handsome

    Cooper Looking Handsome

    Cooper before his hibernation.
  3. Calumma Nasutum, Analamazoatra National Park, Madagascar

    Calumma Nasutum, Analamazoatra National Park, Madagascar

    An amazing couloured individual of Calumma nasutum in an even more amazing national park in Madagascar
  4. Calumma Parsonii Parsonii Female

    Calumma Parsonii Parsonii Female

    Calumma parsonii parsonii female
  5. Calumma Parsonii Parsonii Male

    Calumma Parsonii Parsonii Male

  6. Leopold My Male Parsonii

    Leopold My Male Parsonii

  7. 1,0 Calumma Nasuta

    1,0 Calumma Nasuta

  8. Padre The Parsonii

    Padre The Parsonii

    Pardon the food on my mouth. I've been eating.
  9. Kimbo


  10. Seahorse Or Chamtail?

    Seahorse Or Chamtail?

    Tail of Calumma amber
  11. Padre Chilling Out

    Padre Chilling Out

    Padre the most laid back chameleon.
  12. Focused


    Parsonii female always on the lookout
  13. Lady Eleanor

    Lady Eleanor

    Female Parsonii in the sun
  14. Swordchameleon :-)

    Swordchameleon :-)

    Mimesis of gras in Calumma gallus
  15. Please, Don´t Eat Me!

    Please, Don´t Eat Me!

    Calumma parsonii Vohemana / Madagascar
  16. Mad Skillz, I Haz Dem

    Mad Skillz, I Haz Dem

    Female and Male Parson's Chameleon, Calumma p. parsonii, in courtship display.
  17. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

  18. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

  19. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

  20. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

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