cage plans

  1. ChamyLove


    I am trying to find some sort of stand to put my chameleon cage on. Right now Oliver is just in a 18x18x36 inch cage, but I will be upgrading him to his big boy cage (24x24x48) in a few months. I'm having trouble finding anything that would be able to hold a cage, with a depth over 13". So I...
  2. M

    The Season For Cage Builds

    Well, I too am building a new chamy cage for our future veiled. I started this a while ago but ran into some design problems. Putting it up for the winter, I re-thought the ideas and have come up with a new design. The overall is 2'x2'x4'. It will have a 2'x2' drain pan in the bottom with...
  3. Owner of Spanky


    I have a 2"(from snout to vent) female veiled chameleon I am going to build her a new cage myself. I work at a hardware store so getting the supplies is easy. Any suggestions on lighting and cage setup? I dislike her current setup which is a 12"x12"x18" glass enclosure with a screen top.
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