1. dacrazycanadian

    Is coating on heat bulbs necessary?

    Hey everyone I was searching around, and there are plenty of other lighting threads but I didn't want to bring one back from the grave to ask this. Basically I now use the zoo med blue day light 60w bulbs and I know a lot of people use their normal house bulbs (incandescent bulb). My...
  2. C

    Light Bulb Types

    So I finally decided I'm getting a chameleon (yay! :) ) and I have started setting up the enclosure (will post pics when finished) but I have a couple questions about lighting. First of all, there seems to be some conflict about how long the uvb bulbs (I'm using a reptisun 5.0 T5 HO) actually...
  3. D

    UVB Lights - 5.0 Or 10.0?

    I hear so many things about UVB lights. Some say to change the bulb every six months, but the manufacturer says their bulb emits UVB rays for a full year. Then there's the question about strength. What is best for a chameleon, 5.0 UVB or 10.0 UVB, and why? I am about to hit that 6 month mark...
  4. B

    Aquarium Tropical daylight bulb okay?

    Is this light going to be okay to put in my exo terra double 17 inch canopy with one reptile glo 5.0 for a 36x22x18 viv for a veiled Cham I really just need a bit of extra light in the viv as it is quite dark and I can't get hold of the exo terra reptile glo 2.0 locally. I checked the...
  5. Jay Sick

    Arcadia Lights are the Bomb

    Four days later of swapping all my lights for the Arcadia Bulbs. My chams are singing me praises and having late night disco parties. Their colors look like they have went through a photo shop session they have a major appetite increase. There overall activity level is amazing now. Mercury phase...
  6. Echoezra

    Other lights (ex plant lights) and eye safety?

    So I guess I don't have a single specifically worded question on the subject, I just wanted to instigate a discussion so you more technical people could assure me about the safety of using other bulbs to help the plants grow better and why it's necessary. My concern is that we see written so...
  7. Zach Valois

    Montane/submontane Basking Temps?

    Perhaps I have overlooked some information somewhere, but I am having a hard time deciding on what is an appropriate basking temp for some of the montane/submontane taxa (Trioceros, Kinyongia, etc). I have been running 40 watt tube incandescents (Sun Glo Bulbs) in 12x12x18, 18x18x24, and...
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