1. cubanbee

    Chameleon Skin Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)

    Hello forum folks, So I've been spending a lot of time with the vet lately trying to determine what some bumps on my panther Pablo are. Results have come back after a few tests and the vet and lab are saying squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer) due to exposure to UV. I wrote an incredibly...
  2. deadhd5

    Skin Problem(s) need advice!

    Hello everyone, I am need of some advice on the skin problems pictured below on my buddy Reggie Jackson. I have made a vet appointment for Tuesday but value the advice of experienced keepers and vets on this board above all. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Jackson Xanth Male, approx 8...
  3. H

    Bacteria Question

    So I am about to buy Nigel's new cage from DIY the tallest one...but I am also going to grow orchids with semi hydroplonics(not as complicated as it sounds). I know the major problem with moss is the bacteria problem however, I also want to make it as realistic as possible, so most orchids are...
  4. Ethen44

    Parasite info?

    Is anyone aware of any detailed blogs or websites about different parasites that can harm your chameleon? My 1.2 F. Pardalis' seem to be parasite free, but I would like to read up on preventative care, and symptoms of the standard parasitic or bacterial infections they may be prone to. Any help...
  5. jessica

    Bacteria Question

    Earl's culture and sensitivity test came back with: Proteus Mirabilis Morganella Morganii The vet said they are pretty nasty bacteria. I was curious if anybody has experience with these and may be tell me what kind of a battle is Earl and I are in for?
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