baby panther

  1. Hunter


    baby ambilobe
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    BABIES! Oscar and Loretta babies!

    I am sad to miss out on Daytona but my house is now much more exciting! This is my first ever clutch of panther eggs between my much adored Oscar and super sweet Loretta. They were laid Jan 13 this year and the first baby hatched yesterday!! When I left for work the egg was slit and it was...
  3. chameleonneeds

    Aggressiveness between hatchlings??

    Hey all I need some advice about baby panther chameleons. A few weeks ago I had a single baby hatch and the next baby only came out about 3 days ago. The first baby is a bit bigger than the new one and I think its being aggressive towards the smaller baby. The little one hides and stares at...
  4. SageZA

    Sage's Chameleon Photo Thread 2011

    Hi Guys I have two threads were i have updated you guys. I would like to create this one with all my chameleons in one place :D The Old thread with Very nice Juv pics check it out ---->
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