baby cages

  1. Raphael1047

    Panther chameleon breeding project!

    I am starting a panther chameleon breeding project and was wondering how to keep them from hatchling to ready to sell. I have been reading a lot of different techniques but i wanted to ask the expert breeders on the chameleon forum how they keep them.i already have an idea of what to do. I would...
  2. Seeco

    My Methods Part 4 Baby Cage Rack

    As usual if you use these methods give me some credit. A job at the zoo would be sufficient. Ask permission before reusing the pics. Here is one of my baby cages. You all have seen this before. DIY on my blog: Here is a whole rack of them. Count 'em. You can see the brown mist hoses running...
  3. SoCaliSon

    Baby Cages?

    I have been thinking about this and thought it would be worth discussion. It comes up a lot how people have to buy 2 cages for a cham as they mature if you buy a baby; A baby cage and an adult cage. I have always wondered about this, given your baby has the right temps, is eating, drinking and...
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