1. rajon1080

    Need UBV advice - Any input appreciated as always!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to upgrade to a t5 uvb bulb as I've read/ been advised multiple times on the poor quality of dome fixture/ CFL bulb I'm currently using. I just need some help choosing a fixture to house the bulb I'm going to go with. Does the quality of the actual fixture vary...
  2. ChamHoudini

    Arcadia light placement

    I just got my arcadia lights today and WOW they are something else I cant believe these lights but I want to make sure that I am not over doing it for the chameleons. I have a few different types of enclosures a 260 gallon reptarium, an lllreptile type of enclosure that is 24" l x 24" w x 48" h...
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