ambanja panther chameleon

  1. Texas Ranger

    US F1 WC Alamo Ranger Ambanja’s babies ready to go.

    I have some amazing Ambanja’s ready to fly to there new homes. The sire is our Wild caught male Alamo Ranger X WC titan line(Brian Stewart line). They are 3 month old plus. I have a few posted on our website link sheared below. But have a few more as well. Message ,email or go to our site to...
  2. Natural Neons

    Natural Neons

    Donnie showing off his neon colors while taking in the late afternoon sun.
  3. P

    Beautiful Ambanja Holdback male

    This beautiful male hatched out in the second week of June. His sire is our beautiful wild caught breeder (also shown below). His dam came from Screameleons, from their Gavan line. He is beautiful, healthy, and just starting to develop an exciting array of colors. He looks like he's going...
  4. P

    Beautiful F1 Ambanja male - Proven Breeder

    Actual Animal For Sale - Sire - Joker Dam's Brother - Cyclone Amazing Ambanja available. His sire is a wild caught animal named Joker (pictured above) and the dam is a sister to our amazing sire Cyclone (picutred above). Joker is one of the most beautiful Wild Caught Ambanja...
  5. S

    Late Bloomer Or Female?

    5.5Month Old Ambanja, She/He seems to be showing male Patterns but there is no prominent Bulge. My other female Turns Black/Orange. But this one always stays the same... also there is never a clear white ''Locality Line'' on him/her. I know Ambanja's can take longer to develop But would like a...
  6. Zajlol

    friendly chameleon (video)

    this is my 6 month old sambava panther chameleon he is super friendly!! i know people say not to hold your cham but mine loves to be held and come out of his cage i hold him almost everyday and he is NEVER stressed!! once i open his cage he comes right out!! when i open it to feed him in the...
  7. Screameleons

    Ambanja Panther Chameleon

    Just took this pick while this guy was sleeping. He's one of our Ambanja breeders. We've never quite seen an Ambanja go yellow like this at full rest. You can imagine what he looks like fully-fired up. Offspring will be available soon along with some unrelated females. Thanks for looking.
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