Ambanja Panther Chameleon

Just took this pick while this guy was sleeping. He's one of our Ambanja breeders. We've never quite seen an Ambanja go yellow like this at full rest. You can imagine what he looks like fully-fired up. Offspring will be available soon along with some unrelated females. Thanks for looking.



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Whaaaaaat? this is incredible!! What an amazing animal. Any more pics of him you can share?
Wow what an amazing Ambanja. One of the best I've seen, does he have a name?

Hey Paul, How are things going? He's been going by an ID number for a name. We've been running out of names for breeders! I just named him Reventon.

I will try to get more photos later. I was just taking night pics for a customer, and noticed him glowing in his cage. I couldn't resist taking a photo.


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I never seen a ambanja with those colors amazing...thats y I love screameleon they got sum studs over there nice..:cool:


So funny, I am in the process of moving and now I am thinking about how many rooms should I get in the next place to support this amazing love of Chams? Thinking I need more rooms than originally planned, may need another Ambanja.:D


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Man o man vince he looks awesome thank u for sharing. Amazing what color's he shows at rest. Would love to see him during the day showing off the green's!


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beautiful cham!
I was wondering if there is a distinction in color or head scales that differentiates "Ambanja" from "Ambilobe" chams?
I thought Ambanjas were blue and green and ambilobes showed all that crazy coloration? Though it is obviously not that simple....
can anyone direct me to a thread where the differences in "Locales" is discussed and pictured?
I've used the search function a bit, but haven't found any threads with pics outlining the difference. As I understand it, Locales are not judged by the colors or scales, but by where on the island they allegedly come from. Correct?
thanks for the pics!
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