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  1. New cage!

    New cage!

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    What your Instagram account?

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    Crickets keep dying.

    Ive also bought some from petco and I've had nothing but problems with them. I went to a different pet store and havent had a problem since. I think it had something to do with the supplier they were getting them from.
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    My New Ambilobe!

    thank you :)
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    My New Ambilobe!

    Recent update Its been a little while since I posted photos of nyxson so I figured I should share some new pics. He's now 8 months old and growing like a weed. Im amazed by his colors and personality everyday :)
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    How to stop cricket die-offs?!

    I usually buy 150 at a time for the week, its filled with both egg crates and paper towel rolls, temps around 26c id say. I pick them up at my local petstore when they arrive in town. Its not humid in the container either.
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    my new cham is staying stressed

    They provided you with a terrible set up! That poor little guy. You need to change A LOT of about your set up and as soon as possible. The basic care sheet will help out a lot. Think vertical when setting up his enclosure. They need climbing space and lot of plants to hide in to feel safe!
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    How to stop cricket die-offs?!

    So here is my problem... I house all my crickets for the week in a 27QT/26L plastic container with a hole cut into the top of it for air. I feed crickets my random weekly gut load. Usually a mix of dandelion greens, mustard greens, sweet potato, Repashy super pig, berries and a few weekly...
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    My New Ambilobe!

    I'm very lucky! Hes always been super friendly since he was a baby. My breeder spent a lot of time with him when she had him and I have him out free ranging/hand feeding almost everyday!
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    My New Ambilobe!

    Update Nyxson turns 6 months tomorrow!
  11. 6 Months

    6 Months

  12. 6 Months

    6 Months

  13. 6 Months

    6 Months

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    Quick Question

    well I mostly hand feed, and what I dont he eats from a cup. So I dont have any worries about him finding his food.
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