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    Tonight, finally!

    This is actually a really cool shot. Props. I wonder what the scratches are from on the sides of the bin...
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    Still Around...

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    Comment by 'VerteX' in media '4045.jpg'

    You think so? I guess I could, but not before I see your entry ^_^
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    New Toy!

    Eliza, That was not a stupid question. If I'm thinking what you are talking about, it's a different coupler that goes between the camera body and the reversed lens. I'm sure there are less fancy ones than this one...
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    New Toy!

    They can be found at Fleabay.
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    Luie & Camille babies 8 weeks old

    Where is my "Like" button? Wait, this isn't facebook. Oh well... <LIKE>
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    New Toy!

    I use the plastic fantastic for reverse macro coupling. Check these out for reversed 50 shots: Good luck!
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    6500k light at walmart!!

    From my experience, I couldn't get enough umph from 8 x 4ftT8 fluorescent cage bulbs. Hibiscus really needs a blast of light, from multiple angles including the top if you are to have it grow exclusively in the cage. Best of luck, V
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    Dead cocoons

    Silkworrms that are fed exclusively on silkworm chow (pulverized mulberry leaves) everyday or so; develop white opaque cocoons. I've only seen transparent cocoons id I hadn't fed them as regularly as I should. Once they start spinning, the process may take 24 hours to fully complete spinning...
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    Molly choked

    Downward thrusts :eek::eek::eek:
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    Let's see those GIANT panthers

    Kent should be posting Parang's photos shortly... :) Parang is huge.
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    Picture Day!!!

    They are very nice looking. Very nice and clean shots. Fav is songbird.
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    Christmas Lights in Polka Dots

    Enjoy. Have a great new year!
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    Delete Photo

    To delete the photo you entered: 1. Go to the photo you entered. 2. Click on "Image Tools" on the upper right corner. 3. Choose "Delete Image" from the menu.
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    AHAHAH look at this chameleon video

    Looks like a Samsung ad. Very accurate representation though.
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