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    Wanted a male werner's chameleon...fall or winter 06

    Figured i'd give it a shot...if anyone has any Werner's chameleons, i might be looking to replace my dearly departed Reishi for one in late fall/winter this year...let me know! :)
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    Plants? Plants? Plants?

    camelias also work well and have nice flowers. they can cut into a short bush/tree structure, and their branches can be trained and/or integrated with junglevine (or even wired to the sides of your cage)...they also have nice shaped leaves for dripping/misting water onto. also they seem to...
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    Crossbreeding Veild w/ Panther?

    species crossbreeding is difficult. genus crossbreeding is highly improbable... recently i posed a similar question about crossbreeding different species within the same genus for chameleons. as i found out, like with other animals, it happens in nature. but whether often or not, is a...
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    I think my Chameleon has MBD, vet says no?

    yay! glad to hear the good news! good luck with your cham!
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    I think my Chameleon has MBD, vet says no?

    hey there, just wanted to say, i wish i had an alcove like that for my cham in my apt. great way to incorporate your enclosure into regular house display... for more humidity, i recently added flats of live sphagnum moss to the bottom of my cages. i can't really tell what you have on the...
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    I think my Chameleon has MBD, vet says no?

    yes, the elbow looks abnormally bent... also, our recent heatwave in san diego triggered a thought in my much sunlight gets through that window in the back of your cage? also, what was the weather like in your home area when you went on vacation? in san diego, i recently have my...
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    hehe...i thought this question might generate some ethical concern. while i'm a mad scientist in career, as a pet parent, i do care about my little ones and would never attempt anything that might risk their health or that of their offspring... :) what actually prompted this thought was my...
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    Hi All, Just out of curiousity...Is it possible to crossbreed chams of different species/subspecies within the same genus? (e.g., chamaeleo trioceros werneri X chamaeleo trioceros jacksonii) Just out of curiousity...if it's possible, or has been done? =^_^= Eric
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    Fear of shiny feeding bowl?!

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any insight on chameleons fearing shiny things?! I have two chameleons, a Werner's and an Ambanja Panther...I decided to put feeding bowls into their cages just to make things a little easier for them, esp. for the panther, that is still small, but...
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    A tragedy

    hi there, your cham's symptoms sounds like the symptoms that my small male werner's chameleon had just recently...the poor thing also recently passed :( i did notice was that every now and then he would puff up his chin flap...not continuously, but enough additional times for me to...
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    Signs that they're gonna give birth?

    thanks for the info! appreciate it! :)
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    Pregnant cham behavior?

    here's a pic of her as of yours look like this?
  13. he looks better cropped here...

    he looks better cropped here...

  14. what a nice picture...

    what a nice picture...

    until you notice reishi's little...*ahem*....poopie...on the flower...
  15. better angle..

    better angle..

    enoki from a better angle...
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