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    Ambilobe Male to Adopt

    This special guy has been spoken for.
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    Ambilobe Male to Adopt

    Letting go an ambilobe to someone with the time and attention this special guy needs. Local pick up only in south Florida. Contact me for more information and pictures. [email protected]
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    My Sulu keeper

    Chekov is FIRE!! Good thing i got a couple sisters :D.
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    Let us see your red/orange panthers

    My Red/Orange Gator Jr. boy...
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    She's Purple

    She looks great!! ☺☺
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    Panther Tongue

    Very nice looking tongue! :p
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    Gator Jr. Appearance

    Thank you all for the comments!! :D
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    Gator Jr. Appearance

    A few photo shoot pics of Gator Jr. ;)
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    Meet the new guy!

    Here are some photo shoot pics that can do him some justice. I took these on Monday before he left me :).
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    Meet the new guy!

    I'm glad he made it safe and sound :). Wow i am surprised he already started eating. He looks relax and calm like always :D. He doesn't even look like he is stressed lol. Thanks again Gabriel.
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    Tampa Repticon SCORE!!

    Nice pick up... you saved him from that vendor. :)
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    My tongueless boy!

    I might def keep him :). Thanks for the comment.
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    My tongueless boy!

    Oh ok sounds bad. My boy always seeks me out looking for food all the time lol.
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    My tongueless boy!

    Thanks for following him ;).
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