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    Table for cage

    When I was looking for a table for the extra large cage, I always was checking thrift stores. I ended up finding a wood table that was the exact dimensions for less than $20!
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    Feeding crickets that have been fed tomatoes

    Hello all! I went to the local shop where I buy my crickets for Stark and today when she was putting the crickets in my container, I noticed a plate of food for them and on that plate was tomatoes! While I do know that the leaves are toxic, I am unsure about the fruit. Do you think I should just...
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    Lets see your dart frogs!

    I have mainly fed fruit flies, springtails and pinheads at this point, however I would like to get isopods at the next expo. My leuc just started to call as well, so I'm hoping to get him a friend at some point;)
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    Lets see your dart frogs!

    Amazing pictures and beautiful frogs!
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    New Cham

    If you post a picture of the back foot, we can help sex your cham. If you havent already I would recommend reading this it will help fix some of the information you put and help guide you with the care. You could also post a pic of your set...
  6. So you want a friendly chameleon?

    So you want a friendly chameleon?

    I've decided to write a blog about how I tamed and socialized Stark to make him the friendly chameleon he is today! Please remember though, every chameleon is different and even though these methods work with Stark, they are not the solution for every situation:)
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    New Cham
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    Friendly chameleon?

    If you can find yourself a "Stark" I think they are the most friendly!:ROFLMAO:;) I definitely feel like I got lucky with him, he is a super friendly veiled whose personality did a complete 360 in just the matter of a few weeks. At 5 months old I thought I would never even be able to stick my...
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    Sleeping long not eating much

    How often do you use the vitamin with d3?
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    Hi again! Plus some more stuff.

    Mistking is definitely worth the money! They are very reliable, well built and imo, the best there is to offer on the market
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    Hey guys, meet Charlie

    The one thing I would recomend is that since the lights are not outside of the enclosure, you want to make sure he cannot get to them and burn himself. It's so cool that you are in Serbia! I'm in the states and last year my family hosted an exchange student from Serbia. She had never seen a...
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    Chameleon Age?

    my guesstimate is about 6 months
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    Brookesia/pygmy care

    I believe its Atlanta botanica gardens mix. You can buy these things at josh's frogs, however I am unsure about the bugs with the temperature. Pygmies seem to have a very similar care to the dart frogs I keep!
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    I recomend that you take her to a reptile vet with chameleon experience. She will most likely need liquid calcium for the MBD and they would be able to try to help her leg
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    200 bucks

    We are pretty similar then:D(y)
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