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    Where can I buy A ficus?

    You can also try a supermarket.
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    jumbo screen cage

    whats the price on it?
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    Georgia Reptile Expo,Atlanta,GA

    Anyone else going the show is tomorrow.
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    how many ??

    I have 1.1 Veiled
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    ESU cages pure junk

    I found a great deal on a EUS black screen cage 30Lx18Wx30H for $45. I figture it was a good buy. I use it for a year old male is this not a good cage for him.
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    Georgia Reptile Expo,Atlanta,GA

    November 11-12
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    Georgia Reptile Expo,Atlanta,GA

    Is anyone going to the show in November?
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    what is blue bottle fly larva ?

    I wouldn't use horse flies they bite. We have them down here in the south.
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    Esu Black Screen Cages

    Mr.Weldon do you sale those acrylic drain pan that you made for your enclosures?
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    Esu Black Screen Cages

    I went to my local pet store and a lady was going to give the store a one year old male because he keeps tring to bite her and her son. The store didn't take him because they didn't have room so I took him home. I put my female back in her 18x18x36 cage and the male in the 30x18x30. Is this...
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    Feeding Cup Issues

    When using a feed cup. Can you put your calcium supplement in the cup with your crickets and meal worms or is this not good?
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    Is this to much

    Are there any articles at refrence how some breeders feed there chameleons?
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    Is this to much

    Thanks for the help everyone. I pick up some wax worms today to add to her diet. I would like to see some of you guys feeding arrangments on your chameleons and what type of feed items you offer them.
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    This is a good one to use Hova Bator Incubator
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