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    What vitamins??

    Suppliments Repashy Calcium plus is effective and used daily so it eliminates remembering what to give and when. I made the switch from rep-cal products and have had no illeffects or setbacks. I also use the Repashy Bug Burger for my cricket gutload. it is pretty easy, refrigerates well and...
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    please please please help

    Nice Cham WOW! He is gorgeous.. after the description i expected to see a cham in much worse shape. Being wild caught you are dealing with the unknown. I would try adding some live plants, removing the mulch on the bottom and varying his diet a bit. If affordable another vet visit would...
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    Thanks Thank you very much for the imput, it is greatly appreciated.
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    My ambilobe (skittles) just turned one year old. I am wondering if the correct feeding schedule would now go to every other day and approx how many adult crickets... Thanks for the imput.
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    anyone suggest purchasing from screameleons?

    screameleons Purchased my first Chameleon "Skittles" from them, he is a blue bar ambilobe and is the picture in my avatar. They were very helpful courteous and professional. I purchased a starter kit from them the the one bonus is their starter kits include an automatic mister (Habbamist)...
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    skittles at 11 months

    Thanks Thanks for the kind words about Skittles. I think he is awesome and love him... I am now waiting for my Kammers nosy be to start picking up some color and will post pics of him soon. if anyone has any chams sired by bolt from screameleons please post. i am dying to see them..
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    skittles at 11 months

    Just some fresh pics of my chameleon Skittles. He is 11 months old and sired by Bolt from Screameleons.
  8. Closeup


    Skittles closeup
  9. 10 Months

    10 Months

    Skittles at 10 months, sire Bolt screameleons
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    I have two chams, one 5 months still in a baby setup and one 10 months in a 2x2x4. The larger enclosure has a live schefflera and other fake vines and leaves. Just recently started noticing some gnats in the enclosure and mostly around the gravel which is covering the soil of the schefflera...
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    NY Reptile Show

    First show ill miss first show ill miss in the last two years, have a childrens party to go to with my kids.. Take some pics if there are some nice Chams....
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    Opinions on Chameleon Pricing

    Cham owner. I am new to the chameleon world. I had done about 2 years of research and reading on Panther chameleons, husbandry, care, diet, breeding, etc. After finally deciding to purchase i started checking out various breeders. I read various reviews, called with my newbie questions, and...
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    NY Reptile Expo

    Just came back from the NY Reptile Expo in White Plains. There were a few venders with Chameleons for sale but they had them in small glass enclosures or small containers. I think they should have done a better job displaying them in the proper environment they should be kept in. On a bright...
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    Repashy all in one/ kink and tongue

    started dusting crickets with Repashy and noticed an increase in appetite and activity. Also began gutloading with the bug burger at the same time.
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    Cham not basking as much because of mister?

    All chams are different, one of my chams actually likes to get sprayed directly by the mister, the other one (younger) runs away from it and then later returns to sip water off of the leaves. Give the lil guy some time and he should get used to it.
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