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    Fertilizing plants

    I add Arcadia Bio Revitaliser to all my bio active setups every few months. I'm not in the slightest green fingered but my plants grow like crazy.
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    Feeding waxworm or superworm beetles?

    The moths are great but the stink of darkling beetles is just rancid. Freeze the buggers every time in my view.
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    Feeding waxworm or superworm beetles?

    Freeze them then throw them away.
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    Where to look for safe fake plants

    Arcadia don't sell directly but are stocked by a lot of places and online stores. I linked that so you could see the light itself.
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    Advice needed

    Really sorry to hear this. It must be an agonising decision to have to make. You've clearly done a great job with these little guys up to now so major credit for that and for having to make such a decision. I hope things improve for you soon.
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    Where to look for safe fake plants

    Pothos definitely. You sometimes get them off the center pole and start training them around your structure. Keep them fed and well lit and it won't be long until you have another problem...... needing to cut them back as they take over lol.
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    Where to look for safe fake plants

    Yep, it's lighting. I love these things and plants do too.
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    Basking bulb

    Edit.... just seen your other post. What are you keeping in 16×16×30? It's way too small.
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    If you have a bit of IT knowledge and a good router, you can change the default ports and even limit access by the mac address of devices, thus preventing any other device other than the allowed ones past your router firewall. It's all dependent on your hardware though and if it allows you to...
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    The New Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED bars whose got'em?

    I have one of the older ones and one of the new ones. Both are great but the fact that the new ones daisy chain with Arcadia UVB's make them worth the extra bit. If you already have Arcadia T5 HO's that daisy chain then you won't be disappointed. The last gen unit that screws into a fixture is...
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    Apart from plants which were bought, I collect all my branches and vines. Not only is it cheaper, it looks more natural and you can create a mini forest for them. (Those bendy branches are a bit [email protected]@p and bits can come off them). Of course it takes a bit of time for the plants to fill out but...
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    That's not unusual. Some positions they get in are plain funny. However from that picture, your cage seems woefully bare with little opportunity to explore. You need to be aiming for something like this.
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    Help with UVB bulb on glass enclosure

    You gotta say it like Blackadder lol
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    Help with UVB bulb on glass enclosure

    I've got exactly the same setup and havn't had issues. If you really want to raise it, a good old DIY bodge should do the trick.
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