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    Whoa, two Falys hatched today. :)

    Ziggy is a legend! Congrats bud. Been thinking about those guys!
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    sunny day (Parsonii)

    Just stunning animals. Thanks for sharing!
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    Zulu's infection - photos

    Sorry to hear about Zulu :( A drug that is not commonly used in reptiles but is excellent at penetrating bone and very effective at targeting anaerobic bacteria is Clindamycin. Its a bit hard on the kidneys, but at this point, it would be worth a shot. 2.2mg/ lb would be the dose. Comes in...
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    Can anyone identify *PICS*

    I'm definitely stumped on this one! My best guess from its appearance is a damaged layer of skin pigmentation cells caused by a previous burn. Even the shape of the defect looks like that of a bulb. How close is your basking spot to the bulb? Has he ever had a burn in this area before? How...
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    Zulu's infection - photos

    Any updates on Zulu's condition? Dr Ren (Vet)
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    Wow! Thats one hell of a mineral deposit, but on the bright side, he made it out of surgery! Things could've gone much worse as >30% of colics surgeries are usually unsuccessful. If he would've had a torsion and necrotic bowel, his prognosis would've been more bleak. Glad to hear he is home...
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    Zulu's infection - photos

    This sounds like a case of severe stomatitis to me. The concerning part here is that he also has the lesions (abscesses) on his nose, just above the stomatitis. Where things can get dangerous is if the infection in his mouth (stomatitis) penetrates the maxilla (upper jaw bone) causing an...
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    Area By Area (& country) Vet list

    Los Angeles/ Ventura County/ Santa Barbara Vet My Pet Mobile Vet Dr Ren Garcia 888-906-9738 I and another veterinarian I associate with have both been strongly associated with breeding and keeping herps from a very young age. Together we cover the greater LA and...
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    DR GONZO Baby Thread PT2

    I'd like to see some of Raul's off-spring (Tiki AMbilobe). He might not get the 'hype' that Gonzo gets, but Raul is one spectacular Ambilobe. Anyone on the forums have a Raul Ambilobe off-spring they would like to share?
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    DR GONZO Baby Thread PT2

    Wow, look at those purple bars. Each one of these guys definitely has their own unique characteristics. Great bloodlines there. Gonzo fan, for sure. Dr Ren (Vet)
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    CB Chameleon Life Expectancy... Whats your experience?

    Im a big fan of Jacksonii! Still some of the best natured chams I have met--Thanks for sharing!
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    Im Ready (I think to introduce a male and female)

    Do not breed these animals until you gain more knowledge. Follow the forums, you will learn plenty in the 6-8 months you need to wait until your chams are physically ready to endure the stresses of mating and pregnancy. Dr Ren (Vet)
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    CB Chameleon Life Expectancy... Whats your experience?

    Chameleon Life Expectancy: This question is mainly directed at those long term chameleon keepers with sound husbandry practices (no stories of young animals with MBDz, URI, etc), that have been through a few generations with these guys. Mainly interested in hearing about CB, with good...
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    Dilepis issues

    If it is Povidone Iodine 10% solution, you don't need to dilute it out. It is as safe antiseptic/ antifungal as there is. Betadine baths every 4 hours would be ideal, but if it is going to stress her out, every 6-8 hours should be adequate if this is indeed a bacterial or fungal. If it is...
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    Dilepis issues

    **QUARANTINE QUARANTINE QUARANTINE** Def looks like it can be a version of pox (or parapox virus), which like many viruses can be difficult to cure. What I do recommend a Povidone Iodine bath (betadine) 6 times a day. Heavily bath the affected areas on the ventrum while cleaning them with...
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