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    Need help with feeding Cham

    Ive had mine for about 9 months now, and just found this forum. I want to see what you all think would be the best way to feed my Veiled. She is around a year old and, the pet store I got her from said feed her as many crickets until she stops eating them, every 3 days. I didnt do that, I...
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    Jackson's sudden blindness......HELP!!

    Aww, wow, im really sorry to hear that. I lost my first one, and It really sucks. The one I have now is also sick... They are so odd, one day their great, and the next their not.
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    Vieled Cham Sick,,, Maybe Egg Bound?

    Hi, this is my first post, and this forum looks very helpfull! Anyway, I have a Veiled Cham, Shes about a year old now and she is a female. Ive had her for about 9 Months, and she has done extremely well, and is quite friendly. She was doing great on Saturday, and Had been eating well...
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