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    Outside plants

    Hi all, I'm just finishing up a large outside enclosure and looking for advice on plants that will thrive in full sun. Planning on using this enclosure for Drake during the day and then bringing him inside before dark. Will need something that will climb up the sides like a vine type or?? I am...
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    Branches or sticks

    Sorry, didn't mean to do any harm. I apologize if it offended but just being funny.
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    Got this Panther for a steal when a new employee thought the little one was a veiled haha

    Oh, the good luck fairy came your way that day.😃
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    Branches or sticks

    Wonder where they get thier branches in the wild??😵
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    Reliable and Good Online Breeders to Buy A Veiled Chameleon From

    There are many outlets for you from our forum sponsors and also members that breed veilds. Don't know who has babies available now but sure others will chime in. By the way;Underground reptiles would not be one on my list. Good that you are doing your research as there is much to learn. Welcome...
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    New guy here; Saying hello

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new one when it arrives. Any questions on equipment feel free to ask as you will get the straight scoop from forum members.
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    Hello! I’m Wesley

    Good looking fellow. Welcome😎
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    30 Deads Crickets this morning!

    Crickets die off if overcrowded or mold. If any dead ones are not removed it will cause more to die. One reason I don't do crickets anymore.😆😆😆
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    Egg Crates

    If you are really worried then pop em in the microwave for a few before using😱
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    Coccidia Chronicles

    My boy Drake is also from Driskel line. Had him about 1 1/2 years no health problems. (Knock on wood)
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    How To Feed Dubia a Watermelon

    Its like a Dubia wrap😲
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    How do I keep my feeders safe for a month?

    If you go back to Josh frogs website they will have care information on your feeders.
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    Chameleon house

    Looks like female to me, but pictures are deceiving.
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    Dubia separation

    I have two large totes full of them and started with only 6 pairs. The large adults which are too big to feed off to cham goes to the turtles. You don't need to separate but does make it easier than picking through them if your a little freaked out by them.😨
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    Reptar is 1!!!

    Ditto. Fine looking young man.🎂🎉
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