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    Panther Chameleon with injured eye?

    Certainly could be something different, but our gal had a closed eye that she started rubbing a lot, turned out to be an infection was very difficult for us to clear (it was fungal, not bacterial and our vet missed it for a long while and it spread). Not saying thats the case with your new one...
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    Babies Everywhere

    OMG this is amazing.
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    New Owner....well, kind of....

    OOOooOo congrats, look at that little cutie :D Setup is looking like it's coming along well. If he's eating and pooping you're in a pretty good state, especially after a move. Also shedding makes my lady pretty grumpy too, so he could just be having quite a week. Regarding this question, I...
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    Enclosure Check!! Open to any suggestions or questions!

    Looks so great! My only tiny note is that I noticed our lady Panther "seemed" a lot happier when we raised her enclosure higher up off the ground, so that her branching spot was about 6" above our eye-line when we're standing. I could be totally reading into that, but if you could raise it up...
  5. Climbing time

    Climbing time

  6. Oh Hai!

    Oh Hai!

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    Solarmeter 5.7

    I recall this Bill Strand podcast discussing some of the different Solarmeter models with Todd from, they may cover that one?: I have the 6.5R and am very happy with it.
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    New Owner....well, kind of....

    I ended up using ours more often than I thought. I used it a lot when planning and then implementing the layout of the enclosure, since the ideal UV Index is based on the distance various perching branches are from the lightbulb itself, it helped me figure out where to put everything during...
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    Pulling leaf from mouth

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    Dragon Strand 4 Foot Clear Sided Atrium

    It was a big investment for us, but it is like hands down the best thing ever made, we've had 2 other enclosures before this and I can't imagine going back. We're lucky we could swing it :)
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    Dragon Strand 4 Foot Clear Sided Atrium

    I really like our webcam actually it's made by a company called Wyze, we have the original one they made the Wyze Camera V1, but they have subsequently made a V2 for the same price ($20 bucks). It's super easy to setup, comes with a magnet base that is very easy to install in an enclosure. It...
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    New Owner....well, kind of....

    This is an expensive item to recommend, but I really benefitted from buying a UV Solarmeter device. It lets you actually measure how much UVB the enclosure is exposed to at various spots: the basking spot, lower in the cage etc. This also let's you test each bulb you buy so that 1) you're sure...
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    Dragon Strand 4 Foot Clear Sided Atrium

    We add it when she's gravid. You can see her recent lay from just this last April right here, if you're interested. It was her very first one 😍
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    Dragon Strand 4 Foot Clear Sided Atrium

    Thank you, yes I do think it's one of the largest they make, it's the "Large" Atrium on their site. We really love the width, Peach our Cham really spends most of her time moving horizontally so she really likes it.
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    Dragon Strand 4 Foot Clear Sided Atrium

    Just sharing our setup here since we love it SO MUCH. Such a nice upgrade for our lady!
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