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    Karma Chameleon Rescue

    I am located in Omaha Nebraska. I have 10 years of chameleon experience and am always willing to help. Find me @
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    Hydration Chamber

    i was wondering if ne one had ideas on what to build a hydration chamber out of..we have the water heater, water ciculator, and hose..what kind of container would you use in a sm apartment??
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    im back.. :)

    I pray everyday that these are not his last days..he's way to awesum..
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    eye problems

    i recently adopted a 3-4 yr old panther chamelion with really really bad eye i took him to the vet..was put ca+ liquid, and antibotic eye drops..i have..been aggressively treating them..i was wondering if i could put sum a&d on protect them alil more..
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    im back.. :)

    Thanks guys..I jus hope I can 1 of his eyes..
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    im back.. :)

    Yea I noticed today he was easier to feed..I'm gettin about 9 crickets a day down you think that's enough??
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    im back.. :)

    thank u need all the luck in the world..I found him on craigslist for I seen him..I offered 50 and he accepted..took him to the vet after I left this guys house..he's been on meds 4 24..think I'm doin ok..jus hate to hand feed him..ideas on getting him to open his mouth..
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    im back.. :)

    I have found a 2 or 3 year old panther..he's gorgeous..but once again I have taken on an eye I got him, you couldn't even see his eye holes..took him to the ca+ and sum antibiotic drops..over the last 24..I can see the holes open..I had to hand fed him and gave him h2o from...
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    Chameleon handling question?

    hitching a ride my cham will put her arms out when she wants you to come get her..she climbs all over and has certain places in our apartment she likes best..she hates getting off our hand to go back into her cage..everywhere i read they tell me its bad to handle lost she comes to us...
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    Eye problem help?

    eye problem i got my chameleon a week ago at an expo..when i got her left eye did not open all the way and was sunkin in..what could this be a sign of?? or could it be genetic default..
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