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    Bugs on the brain

    Indeed! I also found a little fella in our house (preying mantis as well) near the light warming up one night. Put him back out in the garden as he may not be safe for consumption. Yes, it does change your perception as to how you look at life with a cham. You just become more "aware" of your...
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    Dandelion greens and flowers are great for your cham. and can be offered 2 to 3 times per week. As mentioned, be aware of your source, as pesticides run rampid.
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    Crickets that don't smell

    Never noticed the chirp age. All I know is that when I get crickets, I feel like I'm out in the country side with the chirping. Banded seem to last longer, and yes, the other variety S-T-I-N-K-S. I've gone to dubia, but every once in a while, I'll buy banded for variety.
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    New cage advice

    Fill it up. The more braches, foliage and vines, the better. That way, you can create several bio-climatic zones for your cham and he/she can pick out a few favorite places to hang out. Don't forget to create a few hiding places where your cham can get away when feeling stressed out.
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    Post you Roach Enclosures...Please

    E13, Welcome! Is your panther eating dubia currently? If not, make sure he likes them first. You can find tons of info here on the site regarding dubia as well as youtube and google. If you're just feeding the one cham., you can do with a small colony set up in a smooth sided plastic tub. 16...
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    Size of chameleon vs size of his snacks

    LTC, Great looking veiled!!! Glad to see you here and asking questions. When in doubt, go smaller. In the green bar at the top of the page there is a resources section that has a ton of info. Take some time and peruse the resources as well as the entire website. It's truly a library of care...
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    What enclosure should I buy?

    CQ, You can get the repti-breeze cage, but I have found the old adage of "you get what you pay for" is evident in reptile supplies. If I had to do it all over again, I'd buy the 2x2x4 dragon strand cage: from Bill Stand. They're the cat's...
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    Dubia Colony Questions

    I concur. These guys can be picky, so do your best with as many feeders as you can manage. Visit here often and read as much as you can. Ask questions and post up when you can't find the answer. This site is an open resource, with endless information to assist all of us and each other.
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    Dubia Colony Questions

    $17 for 100 med. is a GREAT deal. Don't discount the power of the cricket. Chams need variety and crickets are a good staple in addition to dubia. Try as many different safe feeders as your cham. will allow. Here's a link to all the different feeders to try...
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    Dubia Colony Questions

    I currently keep a dubia colony and keep my ratio at 3:1. With approx. 60 adult females and 20adult males, I am able to keep my cham. amply fed. My colony, all in, is approx. 1,000 +/- . Here's a good breeding colony resource:
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    Caring for superworms?

    J., Welcome to the site. The "saw dust" or bedding is either oat or wheat bran. You can keep them in the original container or transfer them to a bigger tub. I freshen up my oat bran regularly. Carrots are great to sustain them. I gut load them 24 hrs. +/- before feeding to Lucky. I feed him...
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    When do baby veileds start to develop colors?

    Olympia beat me to it. Veilds start showing colors at 6 mo. and beyond. They can display an amazing range of colors. Here's one of Lucky all fired up after I did a little house keeping one Saturday morn.
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    Lost Cham

    I think it's happended to most of us at one time or another. I remember leaving the cage door open to select a few dubia from the colony on the other side of the room. When I turned back around, I had to do a double take. I though he'd crawled out of the enclosure, but he was just hiding deep in...
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    New at owning a chameleon

    N1B, Glad you found the site. What type of cham. have you acquired? How is your enclosure set up? To start, you might fill out (cut and paste it into this thread) the how to ask for help form, so that we can get a feel for what/ how your keeping your cham...
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    Substrate tray + drainage tray...possible?

    I can second the trash bag to cover 2 of the 4 sides of the enclosure in winter. It kept the humidity at level with the assistance of the live plants and regular automated Mist-King misting sessions.
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