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    First day - won't eat

    most chameleons dont eat when they are brand new, give him about a day and try feeding him again. Yes chameleons do get stressed when sprayed at. how old is your boy? if he is very young and shedding in a new habitat that is strange. he might have been scared of your hand in the cage. try...
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    what plants do you put in your terrariums?

    its what i like and im gonna stick to it! i love chams!!!!!!!!!
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    what plants do you put in your terrariums?

    i need something that i could find in my back yard..... dont really have money to go buy something....
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    how am i gonna keep it alive.... also i need names!

    on tuesday im getting a new chameleon, veiled, 2 months old, and the last time i had chameleons, they both died, i think part of it was because i like in the middle of michigan, a place not very native to these animals..... at all.....:o. please dont start telling me i didnt take care of my old...
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    When do Veiled chameleons get their stripes ?

    when shes about five months old, i believe. i dont know though, im not an expert.
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    what size do veileds get?

    can people post pics of themselfs holding there veileds? i know what size they are supposed to get, i just want to know what theyd look like on my hand.
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    name contest!

    im trying to think up names for my new male veiled chameleon i am getting in 3 weeks so i can have plenty of research. so far i have these names, pickle rango reptar id like names like those, please tell me those names and whoever wins gets the plessure of being the one to have named my...
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    he didnt make it

    i dont need all the hate.
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    he didnt make it

    he was a senegal, and he had been very sick lately . he was only 4 inches without the tail.
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    he didnt make it

    i think one of the reasons he died was because i only know veiled chamelon care.
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    he didnt make it

    his name was melon. hatched on november 3 died this morning.
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    he didnt make it

    the dirt in his cage was so wet that had a pool of water at the bottom. i guess he sleep walked and drowned himself. im so sad he didnt even make it to his trip to the vet on friday. i guess that it was his time. :(:(:(:(:(
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    we are getting him to a vet!!!

    like 50 - 40 degrees
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    we are getting him to a vet!!!

    its real cold up hear so we have to think up a good way to keep him warm when he goes to the vet
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    not eating, haven't seen him drinking.

    i hope so too, we aree getting him to a vet on friday so hopefully he'll be ok
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