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    what should i do?

    I think hell get used to it. I have never made mine smaller, but anytime I move things around hes grumpy for a day or so. Spuds a pig though and never goes off eating so i don't worry about that. *knock on wood*
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    Humidity problem?!? Please help

    Good points Thanks:)
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    which plants?

    I keep reading the sap is a toxin, veileds eat plants and like it. Ive also read that they can eat the leaves, but it is sketchy because if the cham rips the leaf off there might be sap on the stem of the leaf. So I have been avoiding ficus trees and their sap, my veiled will eat anything green...
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    Humidity problem?!? Please help

    I imagine you would have to clean it often anyway. Bacteria is so easy to get built up. Don't chameleons prefer a warm mist? My veiled will "shower" in the water if he thinks its warm enough. I have never bought a humidifier and am curious to what people have to say too.
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    Sudden Death

    My condolences to the late Bubbles. "The way webs are made can be a clue as to which spider was the resident of said web." - Will I loath spiders! But non the less this is a cool fact. Makes sense that all different kinds of spiders weave different webs. Any spiders that you watch out for in...
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    Just saying Hi

    hey welcome, this is a awesome place to get information, opinion and ideas. Happy searching:):p
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    Why my chameleo has white head?

    worrying again I have the same thing going on. Though my male veiled chameleon shed his whole skin a few days ago his hole head isn't white/grey like the previous posts. Its just along the back sides of the casque and around and between his eyes. Should I wait to see if it goes way with the...
  8. Ahh Spud

    Ahh Spud

  9. The spudster

    The spudster

    He's getting bigger. Male veiled chameleon.
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    Tell me the truth!!

    I have a question for anyone. I bought my chameleon and I'm not sure how old he is he was.(Veiled Male cham.) Are there any tell tale signs of their age?
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    nose discharge

    Hey, I normally give him calcium with d3, because he has no actual sunlight right now, in the summer he will, its too cold by the windows now. He has a Uvb bulb. The last time I dusted his crickets it was with a multivitamin for the first time the day before i noticed the white on his nose. I...
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    nose discharge

    Is it a problem and can I fix it? My veiled is doing this for the first time today he doesn't seem bothered either.
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    Silkworm Questions?

    Can I make my own silkworm food?
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    Meal Worm

    Cool Thanks so much,:p Flour beetles.:o They are the size of my chameleons head or a little smaller that might be too big eh?:)
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    Meal Worm

    Meal Worms I have a weird question, can i still feed my chameleon meal worms after there first life state? As in beetle form or the in between stage?
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