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    (GRAPHIC IMAGE) Monty has passed.

    RIP Monty, so sorry for your loss.
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    Happy hatch day

    My boy Picasso turns two today, and he happens to be really shedding!.....I am so very happy he has such a strong will!
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    Chameleon names. What's your chameleon's name?

    My veiled is named Picasso.
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    Llex son's growing up

    Looking great!
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    Other Reptile Species?

    We have a leopard gecko.
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    My Panthers

    Great photos of your beautiful chams!
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    Pretty quadricornis boy

    He is adorable!
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    Monty's tongue shot!

    WOW....that is a great shot!....happy for Monty!
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    Worried about Monty

    I am sure hoping the best for Monty, I know you will give him the very best care.....hope we hear a better report soon!
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    Happy 2nd Hatchday, Kosby!!!

    Happy hatch day.....he looks great!
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    Bye little guy, I'll miss you :'(

    Hurts my heart hearing about the passing of any cham, so very sorry for your loss!
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    Zippy my Carpet Cham

    Zippy is absolutely adorable!
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    Oh wow!.....he looks great!
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    My new Leopard Gecko

    Yes they do like to hide, I still get him out during the day and just let him get to know me, sometimes he makes a little noise that reminds me of a chipmunk sound!
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    My new Leopard Gecko

    Thank you Jann, I have fallen in love with him!
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