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    Female lat. Lat. Carpet cham

    *****SOLD****** Thanks All!
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    Female lat. Lat. Carpet cham

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    Here is my new Powder Blue Tang

    Thanks! I'll check it out!
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    Here is my new Powder Blue Tang

    What size tank is that?? HUGE!!! Looks quite awesome! A large Salt Water tank like that is on my check list for when we get a House. We currently have a small tank with a Clown Fish in it, once we get the hang of things I would like to get some sort of sea enemy to put in there BUT we have got...
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    My crew!

    Awesome Crew you have there! Beardies are great! The Pup's are cute!!! Do you have any Chams yet?
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    My new cham

    Looks like a Female Veiled..Are there any spurs on the rear feet?
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    Carpet Chameleon (furcifer Lateralis)

    It's been a while since I've been on here! But I have decided to Rehome my Female Carpet Chameleon CB from Kevin Stanford aka Dooley1 - since my young children and job take up most of my time. I'm asking $125 OBO for her. Please shoot me a PM or Text @ 805 297 7115 if interested. Local Pick...
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    My Mom - - -

    Thank You all for your warm feelings. I have a new update on my Mom. My dad told me that the doctors said it's very unlikely for something like this to happen again so long she keeps up with her triglycerides Iron and potassium - Is what I guess caused of all this for her. I'm just so glad...
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    Gorgeous little pink ambilobe female

    That Male is Beautiful! Pretty girl to!
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    My Mom - - -

    Completely NOT herp related....But I need some place to get this out where Family does not get to Crazy...Anyway... So yesterday was a pretty crazy/scary day. My Step Dad "Dad" Called me late thursday night "My Phone was Dead & Charging" I turn it back on around 9-ish - The first message said...
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    Chameleon cannibalism?!!! (Video)

    Not sure if everyone was paying attention when they were talking in the beginning of this video but in the very beginning the kid says "He Ate the other One!!!!" :eek: Ahhh My God!!!!!!!! If I knew them I would give them a good Slapping!!! How could someone be that Ignorant to put ANOTHER...
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    My Baby Riding Guinness the Horse!!!

    Ha! Well I of course held her leg while we were walking but she absoutley LOVED it! She will have a blast with her Pony Riding Lessons! Cant wait. It always amazes me what this little girl can come up with and so excited to have her involved in something!
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    My Baby Riding Guinness the Horse!!!

    Thought I would share my Daughters FIRST Horseback Ride on my friends 9 Year Old Gelding "Guinness" She starts her official Riding lessons this Saturday! So Exciting!!! Enjoy! Kayla
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    Cb female carpet

    I have a CB Female Carpet from Kevin Stanford Available only asking $150 for her She's about 8 months old and in great condition I just do not have the time she needs. ~*Local Pick Up*~ PM Me for me info about her.
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