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    Old cage for new chameleon

    Thank you for the expertise!!!
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    Old cage for new chameleon

    I have an extra cage that i would like to use for a new chameleon. Ive cleaned the cage but of course, im still worried about bringing home a new guy who will be stressed from a move. I dont think there was a disease that was ever introduced to the cage, but you can never be too sure.... whats...
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    Getting ancy for a new project!

    Getting ancy for a new project!
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    Mistking ultimate value system

    Taking offers!
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    Mistking ultimate value system

    Name says it all! Complete set VERY lightly used. Only used it for about 2 weeks before I had to get rid of the chameleons due to a move includes 3 screen wedges as well for an extra. I'm in az but willing to ship. 150 (shipping included)or best offer
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    Mistking ultimate value

    unfortunately I've only put about a months use into it and I had to move. Basically brand new system for 150 shipped
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    2 bumps on top of his nose?

    Happy to hear he is ok! Did the vet give you a reason for the infection? I know humidity is mostly in correspondence with respiratory infections, but I wonder if that may be a cause for the sinus infection as well. As stated previously, better variety, better nutrition. Good luck with your...
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    Looking for advice ASAP

    I'm glad you are taking him to the vet, that's very responsible. It could be any number of things from physical injury, dehydrations, MBD from deficiency, even over supplementation. Just make sure the little guy has plenty of water in the mean time and is on a regular lighting cycle that won't...
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    Monsoon Broke Already

    Like everyone always mentions, mistking is TOTALLY worth the investment!
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    Breeding mealworms and superworms? Other feeders?

    Supers are more nutritious than meal worms. And pretty easy to breed. A lot of helpful YouTube videos actually. Silkworms are great(possibly even the best) nutritionally. Despite their reputation, they're pretty easy to maintain if y keep an eye on them. I've tried hornworms which are a bit too...
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    How often should I check for eggs?

    Definitely is noT normal to lay eggs on the surface. Try covering the cage with a sheet so she has privacy with a strategically placed peep hole so you can see what's going on without her seeing you. She'll be drastically thinner and normally have excess skin for the first few days after she...
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    Adult Dubias

    It's fine. I only separate them for different sized chameleons
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    My Setup

    I love the free range!! I need to get one going myself
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    modified dripper for tongueless cham - working well

    That's a very clever system you came up with however, I might steal that some day ;)
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    modified dripper for tongueless cham - working well

    I saw where someone trained their chameleons to drink from a hamster water bottle. Don't know exactly how effective it would be without a tongue but that may be worth a shot for an extra water supply
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