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    Shipping Alternatives?

    We are going to MI and Indiana and then to KY so maybe we could meet in Illinois?
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    Shipping Alternatives?

    1/4 inch. If they order early they will grow before they get there. I’ve been ordering a large 1/4 inch. My 28 babies eat 4000 crickets a week plus all the other stuff. Becca, I’m going from one end of Cali to the other. I still have two girls that need a home.
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    Any pictures of the base of the tail?
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    Shipping Alternatives?

    I just left Fl. I lived in the Keys until last month but if you buy a baby I will get it to you!
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    Shipping Alternatives?

    Thank you everyone for all the comments. My husband and I will be delivering our babies not this coming week but the next. @NikkiA @Crispy Chameleon @Reptofreak @Redman @mrfixit01 @Kris Chams @Ella Gatlin @RickB @Cham30 @Haley Hendrix @Seana_Lynch @Vicki @Caroline1380 @laurie @Beman...
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    Egg Binding

    You could turn her over to a chameleon rescue that would get her the vet attention that she needs.
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    Shipping Alternatives?

    Any ideas or suggestions on alternative delivery methods for getting my babies to their new homes since it’s not safe to ship? My husband and I are thinking about renting a big van and driving all over the country to delivery babies. Here’s a copy paste from the update from today on Ship Your...
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    Egg Binding

    I highly recommend a vet visit. If you don’t have a good chameleon vet, tell me where you are located and I might be able to recommend a good chameleon vet.
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    What does everyone do when you’re out of town?

    I have a pet sitter.
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    New man Oscar. Husbandry check and skin.

    The best vet is Dr. Douglas Mader in Marathon, Fl but that’s a ways to go and he’s hard to get an appointment with if you don’t know him. Dr. Ivan Alfonso in Orlando is excellent and Dr. Bruce is good in Orlando but again far for you. Dr. Strauss in Weston would be ok for a check up and fecal...
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    New man Oscar. Husbandry check and skin.

    Congratulations on your new baby. In the first picture, with his eyes closed, is that at night? What is that he’s hanging on? See all the little sprigs and hair things on that? He will most likely eat those and could become impacted. If it were me, I’d remove it. Also he may eat that stuff in...
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    My veiled chameleon

    George is adorable. How long has it been since ate? Has he had a fecal? Parasites, especially cociddia will stop them from eating. At his size he such be eating a ton of food.
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    Feeding black swallowtails?

    I believe the painted lady is the only safe butterfly but I’m not sure about caterpillars.
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    Here’s a vet in St. Pete but I don’t think she does surgery. I’d recommend Dr. Bruce in Orlando and go first thing in the morning as an emergency. Be there when he opens. Dr. Tracy Anderson, 7620 66th Street N ... 727-398-7601, St Petersburg, FL Dr. Bruce
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    Beautiful Momma Ivy and Her Daughters 5/24/20

    Hey Hammlet! You are such a cutie. I’m glad to see you settling in with your new mommy. 💕 Thank you Kristen! ❤️ Thank you Kris! Yes! 💕 Thank you Caroline! Let us know how it works out.
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