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    Was going to clean bottom of chameleon cage and found this.

    I can't just take tray outside and hose it off because I could release exotic roaches that cham didn't eat. This appears to be a discoid but I have fed lobster roaches also. Is the superworm an exotic that could survive outside in mild climates?
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    Advice for a new veiled owner please!!!

    Don't let them climb on back and walk around house; they will fall off.
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    My new reef.

    A Maroon clownfish. Thanks
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    Veil fell off my back?

    We were looking at my reef tank and then he climbed on my back and I was taking him back to cage and he jumped off and landed on carpet. Hissed and started running. Got on my hand and then I put him in cage and watched him. Seems fine. Why can't he hang on back when we are walking around house?
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    Cham wants to watch new reef tank.

    I redid it from an earlier reef that crashed. Have new LED light, corals, fishes. Maroon survived crash of last reef. Gentle.
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    This is a first

    They are magical. Crickets, roaches and superworms just appear in there.
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    My new reef.

    I have been working like mad on this. Cham likes it.
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    Cham wants to watch new reef tank.

    Mr Green kept trying to go into tank. LOL Was reaching for it.
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    So this happened

    Why is yours blue when sire is red. Cool cham.
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    Just a rant

    I went to Petsmart and saw that small cham kept trying to eat mealworm in water dish with water in it. I told them no water dish but no response.
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    Our explore for day. Landroller skates.

    Cham gets on hand and then back. I sit on couch and he jumps off couch, hisses and then explores.
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    Weigh day here at Veiled land

    Ok you can tare your balance with stick? Nice. Come here and weigh mine. LOL
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    Can you ever keep 2 chams together?

    Can a gekko or Carolina anole that I catch live with it. LOL Meditteranean gekko-nocturnal species as exotic here.
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    When they out smart you

    You have 3 UVB lights? wow
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    When they out smart you

    Your feeder has magnets. I am in the dark ages with pins.
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