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    Almost got them set up completely

    I don’t use the cricket cubes I use fresh vegetables. Also the big enclosure is bio active and yes visual barrier between the two just got them up onto the table I have a background for plain screen enclosure that will have the barrier, and yes I have branches that I am currently sanitizing...
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    Almost got them set up completely

    Need a couple more live plants and we will be good to go
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    Let’s see your chameleon or chameleons

    Post your pictures below
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    New chameleon what a beaut

    Got my new chameleon this morning and wow he is showing good color can’t wait to see him when he gets comfortable with the new change.
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    Anyone here have a dubia culture

    I am looking to start a dubia culture, what are some tips and tricks to have the best success and just some general ideas! Also if anyone has some dubias I can buy to start a culture let me know
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    Red twig dog wood!!!

    I have a lot of this stuff on my side yard and a lot is dead. I wanted to use it just don’t wanna hurt my chameleon
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    Red twig dog wood!!!

    Is dead red twig dogwood okay to put in my chameleon cage
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    attaching branches

    Drill holes and zip tie
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    Dowel rods

    is there anyway you can post pic of your enclosure
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    Dowel rods

    Is it safe to use dowel rods from home depot for extra climbing?
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    Has anyone here bought Cham from cbreptile

    Okay and Ik cheaper is never better you pay for what you get
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    Has anyone here bought Cham from cbreptile

    Any thought of comparable price and availability?
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    Has anyone here bought Cham from cbreptile

    I am hesitant on buying a panther cham from cbreptile not sure if it will be worth it they have decent deals and availability that is the only reason I am thinking about it. Please let me know what you all think
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    Got the new cage finished finally!

    Isn’t there first clutch usually at 8 months or something not sure! I have never had a girl Cham
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