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    Male veiled $75

    I have a beautiful male veiled chameleon. He is about 6 months old. He was the runt of the group so he is on the smaller side. He has some amazing golds and sweet turquoises when he is just sitting in his cage. He also has a very nice light green that he likes to turn. You pay shipping costs as...
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    Tomato plants in cage?

    Well there goes my idea lol. Are there any plants that aren't toxic.that you could find in a garden?
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    Tomato plants in cage?

    I just wanted to get some thoughts on tomato plants in cages. I was thinking they grow thick and love water and heat so why not? :) tell me what you think"!
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    Sick of my cricket container!!!!

    I use just a plastic container. I just dont feel like it gets the air that it should in the inside. I really like the second picture! I like the little door that opens. I think it would be cool if both top parts had screen instead of plastic.
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    Sick of my cricket container!!!!

    I am sick of my cricket container!!!! So would you guys please share some pics of your containers and tell me your opinions on what works for you! Thanks guys!!! -Forrest
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    Aquazamp Problems!!!

    Ok so since i cant get ahold of the people from Aquazamp maybe someone out in the Cham world can help. Ok so my pump wont hold pressure. The timer will go off and the the pump will turn on, but there is no suction. So i have to go to the bottom hose that is in the bucket and suck and blow into...
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    How to get ahold of Aquazamp!!??!!

    it wont suck up water. I have to take the tube that is in the bucket and suck and blow into it and wait till i feel pressure and then put it back in the water. The problem is i can only do this in the late afternoon because i leave for work before the cage is even on. I have soaked it in vinegar...
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    How to get ahold of Aquazamp!!??!!

    I hope so! I have talked to them before right when i first got me aquazamp!
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    How to get ahold of Aquazamp!!??!!

    I have written them two emails now and nothing!!!! :( my cham needs water! im not home enough to hand mist his cage... :(
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    How to get ahold of Aquazamp!!??!!

    ok my pump as completely failed in my aquazamp and no one will write me back from that company and their number doesn't work at all. Who can give me any advice? Thanks -Forrest
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    Screen help!!

    Ok so I haven't been on here in a long time!! :) so I'm building a new cage and i need some ideas on how to put my screen on the wood. Im kind of in a pickle. I really don't want to staple it to the wood, i want it cat proof! Someone help? ;p
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    Most AMAZING Thing Just Happened!!

    So i was throwing in some crickets into my little veiled babies cage, and there was this house fly was flying around, so my wife (the ninja that she is) snatched it right out of the air. She threw it in the cage, and as soon as it went to take flight my little 2" veiled engulfs it! SO crazy to...
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    FUNKY Female veiled colors

    Also you should try and find a way to put the laying bin in her cage, and maybe putting a towel around tue cage and leaving her so she doesn't feel stressed!! :) good luck!!!
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    It happened - I have eggs!!!

    Congratulations!!! Very exciting!! Happy for you!!!! Good luck!
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    Ifo Picture Time!!!! :D

    Thanks :) I'm guessing he is a month old or less!!!! Lol
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