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    New Panther Chameleon

    very cool :)
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    Got my first chameleon today.

    be ready because for the first month you pretty much just bought your self a new born baby. They may worry you at first (they will stress you more then you stress them lol), but after you learn the daily care and get everything down it will be great fun. Hope you like the cham, because he looks...
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    Much of the 39 Seconds

    i know this morning it was 79 degrees in my baby's cage in the morning without the heat on yikes!
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    anyone know??

    no clue.....kinda looks like ankaramy......but it has a lot of white like a albino....then again i haven't only seen translucent FL chams, and never albino. Like said above, what ever it is i want it!
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    Activity level?

    my veiled chameleon spends most her time basking, but every once in a while goes and hides in the leafs (a lot of humidity in my leafs)
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    Dripper help please?

    no problem :)
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    Dripper help please?

    if you can you should always make it drop on a big leaf, or make it drop on a small leaf then bounces off on to other leafs ( this also helps keep humid ). Umm for dripping rate count to 3 Mississippi for each drop
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    Humidifier Advice?

    whats the difference between a normal cool humidifier and a ultra sonic humidifier? I think i am gonna give this a try.
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    good california vet?

    thanks....I think i'm gonna find a vet and take my chameleon just to make sure he is healthy.
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    i Agree ^^ very nice looking cham
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    You All Lied to Me!

    use feeding tongs. You can get them at almost every local pet supply.
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    good california vet?

    For future reference does anyone know any good chameleon vets/all reptiles vet in southern california near L.A? Or even better santa clarita. I really want to feel like i know where a good vet is when i need them.
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    Misting water temps

    how old is your chameleon? Mine doesn't like the automatic mister because she hates to get wet lol (especially when its cold). She is still young though so i stopped using my mister and started hand misting with warm water. If yours is still young i would hand mist until adult size. The thing is...
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    pygmy supplements

    i just got my 2 pygmys at the pamona show and i was wondering what i should use as my supplements. Is it the same as veiled chameleon? I heard somewhere that they use calcium WITH d/3 every other day, but i am getting a U.V.B light (2.0) should i just use regular calcium with out the d/3?. How...
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    Babies not eating.

    great looking babies :) great to see there all doing well
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