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    Was able to snap a pic of the elusive Cassidy today ! Definitely likes his privacy!
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    Swollen casque

    My Cham has a very similar issue please search “swollen casque and cheeks” by me. It was air that my vet extracted from my Chams head and dx him with a respiratory infection and subcutaneous emphysema.
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    Swollen casque and forced exhales

    It was an oral antibiotic. I attached some pics of the rx and what someone in thus thread concluded the rx was.Your Cham looks just like my boy did. The vet did note that the respiratory infection caused the subcutaneous emphysema. Perhaps this is the same thing perhaps not. They just look so...
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    Swollen casque and forced exhales

    If you search dwelling of casque and cheeks you can see my thread from back after my boys vet visit . I read yours was already on antibiotics.... maybe there are different kinds? And a different one will do the trick!
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    Swollen casque and forced exhales

    Respiratory infection. My male veiled was showing no signs of infection but his casque looked the same. The vet actually put a syringe in his casque and sucked out air! He was treated for a respiratory infection and made a full recovery.
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    So after a few months of having Cassidy it seems that his feeder of choice are black fly larvae. I have tried silk worms, dubia roaches, horned worms (he would not even touch these lol), and crickets. Out of all of these bsfl and crickets are the most consistent. I have a little feeding cup at...
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    Comment by 'Erica1884' in media 'Ambush'

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    Buying adult?

    I am not 100% sure I am following the conversation lol. Especially because all of the initials are lost on me! I did order a Jackson’s male from @JacksJill and he is doing well! I am thinking that he was part of this clutch being referred to? He has been 100% healthy and I would highly recommend...
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    My new shirt😂

    I literally almost bought this just because it has Chams on it😂. If anyone is interested it’s at Old Navy!
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    Best 12 hour light cycle?

    I was raised in Az which is the only state that does not observe dst lol. I’ve been in Ma for about 10 years and still struggle every dst. Lol I swear I momentarily forgot it was even a thing🤦🏽‍♀️😂
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    Best 12 hour light cycle?

    I do 6-6 but live in MA and it’s typically sun down by 6. Summer will likely do 7-7
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    Ceramic heat bulb- not for my cham😂

    Thank you both!!! I have the heating pads on the outside of the tank on the bottom. So the regular light fixtures can accommodate che bulbs? Thank you for the link! Can you clarify what exactly a pulse thermostat is? Does it connect to the lighting fixture? I will look into it more after work...
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