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    liquid baytril

    We think our cham has mouth rot. Where do I get liquid baytril debi
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    shedding problem

    Our Jackson Chameleon shed its skin about two or three weeks ago, but there are still several patches on her body where there is still old skin. We keep getting them wet in hopes that she will rub them off herself, but to no avail. We have also tried pulling them off, but they will not come off...
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    how much food

    Hello, I am new to chemeleon keeping and have a beginner question. How much does one feed a baby Jackson ( approximately 6in.)? At first my siblings and I fed her two crickets/day, but she looked awefully skinny, so we increased the amount. Little Ivy ate SIX crickets today! Is that too...
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    hanging by tail?

    This is what we are doing now and she seems to be doing fine. Where should I look to find out more about the special misting water conditioner? Also, my children think the water droplets that are in the cage are to big. Any comments on that? We are just using a regular spray bottle as of now.
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    hanging by tail?

    We are new and have received great informationfrom this site. THanks so much, Our cham is hanging from tail and hind legs until we approach then she resumes her spot on the branch and continues on her way. Is she just taking in her new invironment or is she ill? We are going to begin the...
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    New Chameleon - What have we done?!?!?

    Thanks for the infor:) Thanks for the help. We will start reading. The Chameleon is a girl, no horn. Our family (Mom and two oldest children) set our alarms last night at two hour shifts to check temp and humidity. She is doing fine as of now, 5:45am. Thanks so much. You have encouraged...
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    New Chameleon - What have we done?!?!?

    After much research and after speaking to several 'pet store people' I decided to allow my four children to purchase a baby Jackson Chameleon. He is home and settling in. I do believe that we have had some bad or at least confusing information. I would appreciate any advice anyone has a...
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