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    Unrelated male hoehnelii

    Amazing 2 months development Nice Hoe
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    Nice little girly girl you have Good luck Dave
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    Male or Female?

    I agree with @Matt Vanilla Gorilla looks male to me. Good looking little guy Good luck Dave
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    Too much fun!

    Hoes Quads Panthers Wow!!! You have a trifecta going You are the Man It’s 12 degrees and snowing here Dave
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    Too much fun!

    All sorts of babies hatching, you have your hands full, looks like fun Good luck Dave
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    Breach Baby

    Cool piping always head 1st, never seen anything like that. What do you have hatching now Panthers?
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    Panther Chameleon male or female

    Looks female to me Good luck Dave
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    Attitude right out of the egg!

    Bob congratulations on the little Hoe? Awesome colors for a little one Good luck Dave
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    Holiday Cheer

    You are the Man! Incredible Cham Amazing colors WOW Good luck with him
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    3 month old ambilobe male or female?

    Try another pic, need a side view with the tail straight align with the body I can’t guess either way Good luck Dave
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    Club Ambanja

    Here’s a pic of Jeppitto he was 7 passed last week he was a great eater loved to expore and come out to play, never bit me. A real ladies Cham. He was my 1st Panther Ido miss him Dave
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    Male or Female

    Looks female to me Good luck Dave
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    My handsome boy Louie

    They look photo contest worthy to me Just saying Good luck Dave
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    Another Box in the Mail!!!

    Nick makes the best feeder cups, I have them in all my cages and have lasted for years Looking good Dave
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