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    My Pets

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    Yellow Lip Parsonii

    I also think male
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    My Pets

    They all look awesome Jann!
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    Baby Parson’s

    They look great as always!
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    US Parsons need new homes.

    PM me, it won’t allow me to go to your profile and pm you
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    New Chameleon. Need ID please.

    @Eddie3187 nailed it
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    I’m back!!- Calumma Gastrotaenia

    I wish more people worked with this species. One of my favorites Chase
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    Doubts about sex of furcifer pardalis

    No question about it
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    Gender Determination

    Female. Just as a reference, here is a thread that has a little better reference for panthers this young. Chase
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    Gender Determination

    I’m pretty confident on what the hatchling is, but if you would take another photo that is closer, showing the vent area and the base of the tail, I can be certain. Chase
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    High white orange veiled chameleon

    That’s a very nice translucent veiled! Let me know if you decide to part with him
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    Male or Female?

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    Weekend Photos of the Chameleons

    Wow Jann! Stanley and Hammy are breathtaking! Lola and Gordon are very nice looking chameleons too :)
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    Male rejecting female?

    Do you have any other males? Sometimes the presence of another male (not in the same enclosure obviously) can get them to do the deed
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