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    Comment by 'Char333p' in media 'Pretty Tree Candy'

    Loveeee.... beautiful purples... if there were Male purple charms I'd totally want one
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    Enclosure update

    Absolutely pothos grows amazingly quick and nicely
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    Enclosure update

    Mostly amazon... I heard the thick black vine isn't so great with bacterial issues from not drying out... but all others.. just typed in chaneleon vines . Quite few options
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    Enclosure update

    Just been a while since I posted and definitely significant growth to my plants. Enclosure is filling out nicely with greenery
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    Hope this does well!!!

    Looks nice... that java moss on that vine/branch ?
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    So my Cham ate a wild fruit fly or gnat should I worry?

    They're wild animals... I bet you can imagine what they get their hands on in the wild!
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    Sperm Plug?

    I know not best photo but is this a sperm plug? N yeah I know his urates slightly yellow :( working on it
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    Enclosure and Drainage Questions

    If your just want all screen then yeah regular reptibreeze is fine. But clear sides or the dragon ledges are pretty awesome. Other then that the strands are obv hand built so more sturdy but very similar to the reptibreeze
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    Yeah my dubia are breeding EFFORTLESSLY. I didn't even raise heat or add extra humidity
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    Java moss?

    To cover dirt or even vines. Since usually java moss is used mostly in aquariums. Do you think it'll grow with sufficient moisture?
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    White substance around nose - should I be worried?

    I use double filtered water... run it through fridge carbon filter then thru brita... Also I live in NY so my water is very decent on it's own. It's not "hard" water
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    Lol that leg spread.

    Haha come home to this acrobatic movement... he's prob like hmmmm... how do I do this!?!?!
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    9 Days After Mating ;)

    Got her laying bin in there?
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    Stuck shed?

    You just dont want it constricting like a rubber band. If it's not off in the next day or so then may need to help. I never had to personally
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    Egg Owners of Matt Gorilla's Nosy Be clutch 2018-06-06 thread

    Hey Matt do you also sell juveniles or just eggs?
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