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    Calcifer eating potted Soil??

    Seems good to me. The calcium plus has less vitamin A since it's meant for daily use, compared to the vit A plus. Again, like kinyonga said, supplements might not be the problem and it's just something interesting in the soil.
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    Calcifer eating potted Soil??

    I'm not familiar with that product, but yes if there are multivits in that calcium, I would try it out. I'd recommend looking up what the calcium/multivitamin ratio is in it to see if it is adecuate to use daily. I have not been here in a while, so I haven't seen any of your post history. Have...
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    Chameleon skull: jewelry related

    Not too gross at all, thank you! I guess I could test out a part of the skeleton in the bleach before the actuall skull, just in case it's too harsh for it. But I guess if taxidermists use it, it shouldn't be a huge problem :)
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    Why I like Graciliors Best...

    Quads are a dream. Gorgeous pics and chams as always, Janet.
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    Calcifer eating potted Soil??

    I have also heard of nutrient deficiency being the cause of this. My first chameleon did this, and in fact I had not fed him any multi vitamins, so that could have been the cause. Many of the vitamins in those supplements should be fed to your gutload via fruit, vegs, and a good gutload anyway...
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    Chameleon skull: jewelry related

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking about how I would keep a memory of my chameleon when he passes (he is fine and healthy, I won't have to worry about this for several more years!). I'm just very curious how I could make the skull (or any fragile bone for that matter) into a pendant, whether it be...
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    How well do chameleons hear?

    They definitely can't hear those sounds. They're practically deaf; from what I remember reading, their hearing is restricted to a few decibels. As long as there aren't vibrations like those caused by subs, you're totally fine. So for example a party with really loud music that you can feel would...
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    Quad owners! Need help with handling

    He's close to 8 months old. I'll try the hand feeding with silk worms. He loves those. I promised Janet I would take him to Dayna (ferretinmyshoes) because he has a deformed foot and she wanted insight from her. It was one of the conditions of owning the quad :love: He looks great besides that...
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    Quad owners! Need help with handling

    I've been trying pretty hard for my q. quad to be OK with me. He is completely terrified of me even though he sees me putting food in his cage. Today, he jumped off a branch and hissed at me pretty loudly when I started moving my hand towards him. How can I make him recognize me as not a threat...
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    Finally got a picture! Q. Quad.

    Silly kid. He's still a bit afraid of me, but I managed to get this picture (weird pose, I know). I have no clue what maneuver he did to get down from the screen! I named him DJ Paul because of his "hand" deformity. He does alright! A bit slow but ya know... they're chameleons. I will soon take...
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    shy quad mama

    shy quad mama
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    WC Trioceros quadricornis gracilior--Erik

    Stunning! Loving his portrait shot.
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    Naga v. Cicada

    They all look so happy eating those! Can't wait to get me a big cham someday so it can join the cicada eating club :rolleyes:
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    Chameleon with no eyes...

    This. OP, it is somewhat commendable to care for this disabled chameleon. At this point though, it seems like a very inhumane experiment. It's interesting that the animal is being kept alive solely by you, but it seems excessive. The kid doesn't understand where it is or what life is beyond its...
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