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    foggers / misting system

    I use supplies from toro...1/4 inch tubing and misting nozzles hooked right up to my laundry tub with a lawn sprinkler timer controling it all. I only use water from the hot tap..with the fine mist its just warm when it hits them. Fot the most part they enjoy it.
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    do you know how much you paid in US dollars?
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    Yeah...His First Carrot!

    If it doesnt panthers dont want it
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    curious question

    crickets stink so you dont want your supply in the house if you can help it.
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    I need help

    Your assignment is to read all old posts on this site until you go blind. That will be a good start in educating yourself.
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    Getting my cham to drink more water

    Use pure hot cools off as it mists..byt the time it hits them its just warm. I run a misting system straight off the hot water tap and they usually will sit directly under it cause its warm for them.
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    I'm slowly killing him...

    Hmmm thats shefflera grow so crazy i have to go in a prune it every 6 months cause its busting out of the cage.
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    How to deal with the flies in my cricket keeper.

    well thats not often enough to get the dead ones live where is warm...keep them outside.
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    I've started to breed my own crickets,

    For those you have better luck with heat under or above from a light?....and what temp do you think is best?
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    Were you afraid at first?

    Picking them up doesnt necessarily get them used to you. You occasionally need to pick them up to do health checks. I think some just learn that you are the food giver and therefore they see you as a good thing.
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    ANGRY Panther help

    Only thing you can do is give him time. I always found my aggressive males to be the best breeders. They performed on cue so to speak.
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    We need a little more starting info

    Mine get 30-45 minutes a day of fine hot water mist. I free range crickets. I put them all in at once...they graze all day. With babies i let them eat as much as they want. Get the biggest food yours can handle...unfortunately the younger the crickets the more easily they die. So if hes big...
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    Are Drippers Necessassry?

    Depends on how many minutes a day you're misting for.
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    Baby panther clsoing her eyes

    How does it sound like an upper respitory problem??
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    Flexarium (Mesh Viv) help

    I believe they should be able to find it wherever they sell insulation.
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