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    i wana see your girls!

    Well dont overthink it all, but from what ive heard panthers make good and cool looking chams, but from my experience with a male veiled, i would and wouldnt recommend it because my cham i could never hold without him jumping out of my hand and trying to kill himself... but go with whatevers...
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    Hi all !

    Thats really cool the chameleon experience is fun, different, and kind of challenging. I hope you find a chameleon that suits you best and live out your dream. Good Luck:D
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    Mantis 3 way

    Wow that is very strange never seen anything like that thats kind of unsusual but you know maybe for them its not.:D
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    leaving the forums

    For all those who think im just bashing chameleonforums please take into account my other thread "THank you chameleonforums" and can someone please answer something about my golden gecko malachi?
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    leaving the forums

    At the stage he was at i dont think a vet could have helped anyway, and im not mad at the people in the forums i guess i just didnt like how i got the same advice to post this sheet on how to help when i had already posted... and i do believe i am just as well suited to take care of a reptile as...
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    leaving the forums

    BTW another reason thats frustrating is that photos get more responses than my cham dying did...
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    leaving the forums

    i guess your right sorry about ranting and there probably is no where else but i just wanted my questions to be answered thouroughly and the answer not to differenciate between everyone... Everyone i guess does help im just still sad about my chams death though... :(
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    leaving the forums

    i totally agree with just about everyone who wants to leave, my questions seem to be ignored until the problem has already passed, whenever i pretty much post everything in my description im still asked just fill out this form, and then everytime i get a different answer on what to change. Its...
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    Thank you chameleon forums

    When i was in possesion of my chameleon, this website was so helpful and so were the people in it thank you for all youve done and continue helping those newbies thanks guys, thanks a lot.
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    Is anyone familiar with Golden Geckos?

    My chameleon recently passed away, I looked into it and it appeared to be MBD but i rescued him and his previous home he was mistreated and malnourished so i did rescue him but sadly he didn't make it more than 8 months in my care... So i looked into a non complex reptile with little maintence...
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    Please Help Immediately!!! Chameleon life may be at stake!!!!!!!!

    okay so there are plants but there fake and thick sticks that are real and thin sticks that are fake, his uvb light i was told he couldnt even see in his vision of the light spectrum and it is above on top of the cage.
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    Please Help Immediately!!! Chameleon life may be at stake!!!!!!!!

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - it is veiled chameleon, it is 18 mo it has been in my care for about 8-9 months. Handling - none when i need him to move i lift the stick he is on Feeding - I feed him crickets every other day 6-8 crickets depending on him i use oranges and potatoes to feed...
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    Please Help Immediately!!! Chameleon life may be at stake!!!!!!!!

    Heres the pics E:\dcim\100kc813\100_1388.jpg
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    Please Help Immediately!!! Chameleon life may be at stake!!!!!!!!

    Ok Ok I will post a pic here and only one is closed but also parents say a vet is too expensive and i need something less expensive to do it plus i dont know any exotic pet vets around MO anyway...
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