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    I think it is a natural behavior. Mine has gone into his plant and just sat. I have read many reports of Beardies going up into trees and sitting for days, but that is to avoid the heat on the ground. I think we just get to see some lingering bits of this behavior. We don't get it hot enough...
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    [For Sale] Plants for Chameleons

    I have a large rubber tree in with my male. They will not kill your cham but not the best choice. The leaves break under weight of cham. They do not realy provide good climbing surface. Mine is a large open enclosure like 6ftx3ft5fh and the plant is on the end more as a visual barrier. Palm...
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    Chameleon with large wide casque!

    Like this lol.
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    Chameleon with large wide casque!

    They munch plants, but they don’t properly digest. We don’t know why but it is not part of their diet. We can’t stop them from munching plants but greens should not be offered as food
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    Plant light

    HEY SUPER CHEAP LIGHTS. So grow lights make a difference for plants, this is true. However plants aren't our primary goal, we just want them to grow. On that note. I found shop lights at wallmart. $18. Make sure they are the 5500 lumen. Not 3200. They also carry one for $35 but it has a...
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    any ever order from dubiaroaches?

    It is still more likely an issue with shipping. There is somebody somewhere thinking the same thing you are, but they are all "hey these are way too small".
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    any ever order from dubiaroaches?

    They are usually pretty good. Was it FedEX ? The storms seemed to have caused some shipping issues. I ordered some tarantulas and the guy even waited a week, great packaging on time but two were dead. He is making it right, but said he had a very high number of deaths in his last shipment...
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    Air freshener

    As @Klyde O'Scope mentioned. It is a gray area. It depends on exactly what, how much and ventilation. A little light sent may be ok, but depends on how it is delivered. I have used free breeze on areas in the room away from the chameleon. If you want pumpkin spice smell, bake some biscuits or...
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    My veiled cham has never laid

    She does look like she might have eggs now. As far as normal, if you have been keeping temps low and food light I don't think it is abnormal. I have 3 baby females 1yr old and one has just started showing receptive colors, the other two have not. Their mom, befor I knew was fed more and...
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    My Cham Is Going Blind in One Eye! What should I do?

    If it came from a deficiency and it has been corrected then he should be fine. It is possible that the infection caused blindness, but he would still be OK. I have a male that I hand feed as he has no tongue. Now he is my buddy, comes and begs for food and has no fear of me.
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    My Cham Is Going Blind in One Eye! What should I do?

    There’s no need to euthanize if he is just blind. If he is not in pain and moves around normal, there’s no need. He will just need a little extra care. Have you reviewed your husbandry? Do you know where the eye infection came from?
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    Deciding on species

    The confusion with plants is that Veilds will eat them. However so far all studies suggest that they can not properly digest plant matter. So there is no benefit. It has also been observed that they do not really eat plants in the wild. My site is In the Natural Chameleon section...
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    Fruit fly culture absolutely coated in larva and killed all the adults within 12 hours. Pictures attached

    Yes they breed that fast. Yes keep the larva you will have a bunch of new fruit flies soon. Usually the adults don't all die off like that. They keep laying eggs making more. The adults may have been old, but those larva should start to hatch soon.
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    Fruit fly culture absolutely coated in larva and killed all the adults within 12 hours. Pictures attached

    I know they will die off at 80 degrees. Did you have material for them to climb on ? they usualy use excelsior or you can use coffee filters. So either over heating or nothing to climb on and getting stuck, though I don't know if they need stuff to climb on. Last heat wave Iost my cultures.
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    Biggest cage

    So here are some larger set ups.
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