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    Final choice (I think)

    After going back and forth about deciding what species and what cage and whatnot to get for a potential chameleon I’ve decided to put a stop to it. I’ve been stressing out about it far too much about it. I’ve just decided to stop researching and not get a chameleon at all. I probably won’t be...
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    I don’t know what locale. Never seen a female that looked like that. One thing is for sure, she is beautiful!
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    DIY question about a planter box under an enclosure

    It worked well I added a few layers and seemed to do the trick just fine. Haven’t had any issues yet.
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    Beautiful hibiscus!

    Kind of off topic but I went outside this morning and noticed my hibiscus had finally flowered. It’s so pretty!
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    Ourside keepers, lightning bug/firefly season is getting near

    I just realized how many people don't ever see fireflies in the summer! They're all over where I live. found a few in my flying around backyard yesterday.
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    Rubber. Ducky. Isopods.

    I would suggest using a nano exoterra or faunarium (i thinks its called that?) I use those for smaller bugs that are just for display.
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    Rubber. Ducky. Isopods.

    They're freaking adorable!!!!
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    My chameleon is my best friend

    This makes me so sad :(
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    THIS IS SILLY BUT I'M EXCITED! Also, quick bioactive question.

    you probably could but one thing: anoles prefer to live in arboreal enclosures (at least the ones I've captured)
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    are painted lady caterpillars/butterflies safe?

    There's lots of butterfly growing kits and lots of them use painted lady butterflies. Are the caterpillars or butterflies safe for chameleon consumption? I found a kit for super cheap online, and want to see if I can get anything out of it.
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    Panther chameleon!

    beautiful boy!
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    Where to begin?

    More often then not it does. Reptiles in general are pricey. It can be hard to find chameleon equipment for really cheap.
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    Where to begin?

    Just going to say this now. Chameleon keeping is veeery expensive and you can easily spend hundreds or even THOUSANDS on a single enclosure. Just consider that.
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    Info on dragonstrand, diy cages, etc

    Thanks for all the info, my last chameleon died due to my negligence and I don't want it to happen again
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