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    Discoloration, please help.

    Long time since a post due to great success of my chameleons. Unfortunately, today I've notice some spots on my veiled chameleon. I didn't fill out health form because I know everything is good cage, light, feeder, gut loading, ext. wise. I can't tell if this will be an area that starts shedding...
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    Possible eye problems

    I'm no professional but his eye looks fine to me. Doesn't seem to be sunken or anything so he seems hydrated. Just in case make sure he's getting plenty of water maybe and monitor it over the next week or so. My panther has sometimes done funny things with his eyes when shedding to help shed the...
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    Fogger or Automatic mister?

    Mister. Mister still provides an option for your chameleon to drink droplets of water gathered on the leafs and what not. Also, foggers with my experience for reptiles can really over due the humidity in a cage which could lead to respitory problems. So my opinion. Mister. I have a mistking and...
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    Big Dripper

    I've seen my veiled sometimes take the tube into his mouth and drink from it like a straw; also they let the water drop off a leaf and then catch in in there mouth when it drips off. Not only do they drink from the dripper but they will also use there tongue to lick dew, drops, ext from the...
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    March 2015 Photo Contest

    When will this "update" happen so we can view the entries?
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    Panther shedding bath

    So jealous. My veiled runs for his life with any sight of me and so far my Panther is the same because I beilive he sees me as the "misting monster". :(
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    Panther shedding bath

    Lol I wish my chameleon could play Marco Polo.'/ I think if your little guy loves "playing" in that water. That's fantastic! I'm not the one saying you shouldn't allow it. I wish my chameleons would even enjoy me touching them but one is also a baby so I understand. The other is just a grumpy...
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    Panther shedding bath

    Also not to be harsh back but I don't believe anyone here thought "playing" with a chameleon was correct husbandry. If someone honestly tried to force their chameleon to "play" with water; quite frankly theyre dumb. What you said isn't harsh but the statement of "this is just a good example of...
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    Panther shedding bath

    I was just asking, never have given any of my chameleons a bath. Like I said was just curious and glad I asked. Didn't think there was a reason but these animals are so complex I wouldn't have been surprised. Also, I use a pressurized misting bottle I purches at a local reptile store. I use...
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    Favorite Panther Locale?

    I recently purchased my second chameleon. Ambilobe:) Reading all these about colors makes me even so much more excited for him to grow up and start showing his colors. So far he's got some green tint so I feel as if he's gonna have a lot of green:)!
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    Panther shedding bath

    Well I don't see him playing in water to be anything you did "wrong". Ever chameleon has a different personality. Personally mine seems to hate water based on his reactions to the mistings.
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    Panther shedding bath

    Sweet, thanks! Yea I already keep his humidity between 50-70% never let it go below 40% and it'll reach 80% directly after mistings. I must 3 times daily to keep it at those levels. He unfortunately hates the mistings and runs for his life when I start to mist. I think he's starting to dislike...
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    Panther shedding bath

    Just curious, I've seen pictures of people giving their Panther chameleons baths during sheds. I have a very young 8 week old Panther so don't want to do it at all currently honestly until he doubles in size. Is giving them a bath just to help with the shed and something that is necessary? Never...
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    March 2015 Photo Contest

    Same, I never got a return email.
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