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    Meller‘s Chameleon Care Sheet

    Ive always liked Mellers & have thought about having ones as a pet. Thanks for the good info!(y)
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    Everyone’s Fur babies

    Chiquita Bonita 😜
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    Surprise clutch of panthers hatching

    o_O WOW! You went from no panthers to like 15 in just a few months, you gota whole panther cham fam now. Its like the snowball effect lol
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    My Juvenile Male Panther

    Its kinda hard 2 c him. What color is he? Got any close ups?
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    Breeding Crickets

    I tried breeding em. Learned allot from it & now that ive researched and watched vids on YouTube ect. I really dont have anymore die offs. But I wouldn’t do it again unless i was breeding and had a bunch o babies to look after its allot of work though. One thing that stuck out was warmer temps...
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    Ficus Tree Maintenance

    in this case BIGGER IS most definitely BETTER :p 5 gallon is what i would use for this plant. I always make my own soil w/coco and only water as needed ive never had any problems w/root rot. With a 5 gallon you wont have to water as much, and you wont have to transplant as many times which...
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    Ficus Tree Maintenance

    The bigger the pot the more soil the better. I make pots out of whatever, if i were u I’d just get a 5 gal bucket from lowes or somewhere, or clean one out really good that you already have drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and your good. You can also make pots out of black bags, i...
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    Nosy Be eye issue

    When I moved from south tx to south Ok about a year ago I noticed 1 of my 3 chams, Moe had issues w/shedding. I took em to the vet & they told me it was do to humidity. What I was doing was putting on the heat @ night & that in return sucked all the moisture out of the air and my cham I believe...
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    This is the one I got Arcadia t5ho 6% Just found this Dual arcadia t5h9 6% & fixture Looks like its used though :-/
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    Website Development Questions?

    Wow! looks like uve been workin hard, allot Good info. Are you going to breed cham’s and sell on your sight or what?
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    Ficus Tree Maintenance

    Your plant is root bound. I can tell by the size of that plant versus the size of that pot. Youll need to transplant to a bigger pot with more soil. Water b4 & after you transplant, & some mykos mycorrhizal organic root enhancer in the hole b4 transplant wont hurt.
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    Furcifer willsii gang gang

    Nice cham’s, i love there names!
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    New cage for Mr. Green.

    Thanks! i wonder if this is the acrylic they use. Acrylic maybe ill build one one day w/it
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    New cage for Mr. Green.

    Yeah, that’s pretty cool! U can see em much better. how much did u pay for it?
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    Potting soil

    If ur cham Injest it might not be good, same with perlite. Either way I wouldn’t suggest using it.
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