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    Crawling on cage bottom

    No mention here of a basking area, do you have a lamp for basking?
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    He may be tired/week from 3 days of nothing but carrots.... Id try to plan your purchase of feeders a bit better so you don't have any gaps in his in diet.
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    When was the last time he ate?
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    Photos would help determine the male/female issue.
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    to much light?

    I know ive read someplace, "watch for UV overexposure" however I cant seem to find it anyplace now for a reference. I do recall trying to search online after reading it what EXACTLY I should watch for but was never able to find any explanation.... ~Beth~
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    Basking heat at 105°

    Mike, Your getting some great advise regarding temps and thermometers... take it ;) I was wondering however, after looking at your photos... do you have a UV light as well? I didn't see one in your pics. If you dont have one you will want to get one, the reptisun 5.0 is great. ~Beth~
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    distilled water

    We have used bottled water and tap water with no ill effects... I have always been told not to use distilled water for reptiles. It lacks valuable minerals essential for proper nutrition in reptiles, its essentially water with nothing in it. Maybe a more experienced cham owner or one of the...
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    Food Variety

    I was wondering if anyone has tried phoenix worms and how did your cham take to them?
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    My Fish/Turtle Tank :D

    Its in several of the images, it never appears to move- a resin figure ornament? ~Beth~
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    Kitty and his collard greens

    Brad, Great pics and the blog is great! How are you 'serving' him his greens? I was thinking about getting a veggie clip and putting it in our veiled cage and letting him bite/rip off pieces. Do you cut kittys up into bite sized pieces or does he rip pieces off a larger leaf? Thanks, Beth
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    hmm dreaming...

    I cant say weather or not chams dream, but if I had to put my money on it I most likely say he was probably in an uncomfortable position and moving accordingly. Our veiled cham Chris, is quite the sound sleeper - he heads off to his "sleep spot" and is exactly in the same place/position in...
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    I would have to agree with Will. Having owned several snakes over the years (redtailed boa, ball python, corn, garter) I would have to say the best choice for someone getting into snakes is the corn snake. :cool: They are rather docile and easy to care for, and while there is of course some...
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    Project possibility

    Jordan- I like the look of that piece and think it would be a great idea, cant wait to see how it turns out. I have been looking around at our local antique & 2nd hand shops for a nice workable piece of furniture for our veiled... haven't found quite what I'm looking for yet. Update us on...
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    Dark Colored Cham?

    ESU makes a "Fresh Air Habitat" 12x16x20 all screen except bottom is plastic. Has been good for our little guy, although we will be making him a new "grownup cage" soon. I got the esu one at my local pet shop, but have seen them on ebay as well. ~BETH~
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    Male Panther - needs a good home

    If it werent a 9hr drive from here.... sure you cant/wont ship?
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