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    7 month Veiled Cham with Beautiful Set up

    Here it is guys, I am officially to busy to care for Yoshi. I wish someone will care for her as i did. Here is the ad...
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    Veiled chameleon Yoshi's enclosure

    MV is mercury vapor. It provides all the uv needed as well as warmth for basking. You will hear mixed things about these bulbs but I have had really good experiences with them. Takes a while to play around with the light distance and temps but once u figure that out they are great. My plants...
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    Veiled chameleon Yoshi's enclosure

    They are 2 scheffleras and a potho... She hasn't started to eat them yet but she loves hanging out in them.
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    Veiled chameleon Yoshi's enclosure

    Any thoughts for improvement?
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    Veiled chameleon Yoshi's enclosure

    I have seen lots of good pictures and videos of chameleon enclosures so I thought I would post a video of Yoshi's enclosure. Unfortunately I missed her eating out of her cup but I would love to hear what you guys think of my enclosure. I would also appreciate any tips to make it better. I am...
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    Yoshi is growing but still hand feeding

    Hey guys, so my 4 month old female veiled was immediately recognized for her lack of shyness. She is now a juvenile and still eating well out of my hands. She gets handled pretty much every day and never hisses up unless she catches a reflection of herself. She came from chroma chameleons in...
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    Shower Time = Suicide

    I Usually wont let the water from the shower come into contact with her, depending on where you live tap water may not be so great. I usually just spray the back wall so it creates a nice humid atmosphere then I spray her with the misting bottle for her to drink and bathe in. Heres a video...
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    Baby Cham takes a bath!!

    That's almost a perfect commentary lol!
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    Baby Cham takes a bath!!

    Hey, Yoshi is back and she is taking a bath this time. She gets about one of these a week. I am using my spray bottle to give her the bath, the shower is just on to create a nice humid environment. She still eats out of my hands and is still really playful and friendly. Check out the video...
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    Baby Cham Eating/Drinking Vids!

    Its all relative to the size of the chameleon. If the chameleon is small use a small cup since the crickets should be small, slightly deeper cups can be used for bigger crickets for slightly bigger chams. Remember not all chameleons can be hand fed but its always worth a shot. Lets you...
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    Cup feeding!!

    That's awsome, I've been cup feeding but I have a baby 2 month old in a 100 gallon flexarium so I take him out. Here are some videos for those who haven't seen them!
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    Baby Cham Eating/Drinking Vids!

    Just make sure that you put the crickets in like a plastic cup vs like foam or paper so that the crickets slip and can't get a good enough grip. Be careful with clear cups, you don't want your cham to bruise their toungue
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    Feeding Silkworms

    I always cup/hand feed so I can control what and when they eat. I feel that smaller meals more frequently, just like in humans is much healthier. I have a baby veiled that eats out of my hand...With the silk worms, sometimes its there lack of movement that causes your cham to not eat it right...
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    Baby Cham Eating/Drinking Vids!

    Thanks guys, would love to see some of your videos!
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