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    Mauled by my veiled.

    My veiled (adult male) must be a wierdo, he only eats from my hands. The spoiled brat. And my nosy is always climbing on me. Open the cage and he runs up my arm. Loves my hair. I have never been bitten but someday it has to happen. Debbie
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    What are your "real" jobs

    Clean and decorate fish aquariums. Pays better than most jobs and is flexible. I've been doing it for over 15 years. Also raise dart frogs. Debbie
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    Dart Frogs

    I've done pdf's for a while now. A good forum is I would strongly recommend research before getting pdf's. Much like all exotics. Debbie
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    Young adult veileds for adoption

    Just to let you all know he arrived safely. Already eating and basking. Thanks Tyler. Debbie
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    Well. My mom has owned a small pet store since 1964. I grew up in the industry. The only place any of my pets go is to my mom. She works real hard to learn about the animals. She advises people to think before they buy. Learn about the proper care. And if she doesn't think they will be good...
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    Young adult veileds for adoption

    Hi Tyler. So do you still have him and how do you take payment? [email protected] Thanks Debbie
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    Hi I'm new

    Thank you for the reply Kinyonga. That was what I needed. Very similar to my frog temps. I am putting the enclosure in there. Sounds like a misting and drip system would be best. My husband is a plumber and we have figured out a way to build a cage with a drain. This will help keep it...
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    Hi I'm new

    Thanks for the welcome and links. I have been trying the search engine but I must not type the right words. Because I get so much and it takes forever to weed through it. I get the basking area, lighting, and type of enclosure needed. What temperature range? I already have a misting...
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    Too many animals!!!

    Well lets see: 1 32" Clown Knife 1 Cat 5 Dogs 5 Tiger Tree Frogs 40+ Dart Frogs 1 Grandma 1 Son 1 Husband and soon 1 Ambilobe Cham. Gotta love animals. Debbie
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    Hi I'm new

    Hi. I'm a future ambilobe owner. I want one and am trying to learn first, as I did with my darts. So any advice or shared knowledge is welcome. I'll be reading and learning, Thanks Debbie
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