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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    Autopsy: Egg bound Enlarged kidneys (kidney failure) The hips were probably caused by muscle atrophy. Difficult to know what's cause and effect. Probably the combination killed her.
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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    If that happens, wouldn't her hips go down insead of up? To me it looks like the hips are pretty tight against her spine? Anyway, I'm just going to wait if the autopsy brings up anything. I guess it's no use to keep guessing without further examination.
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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    I don't think it's age, as she was only 14 months old. Pygmies don't get old, but 14 months would still be quite young just to die of age. Brevicaudatus should go up to 2 - 3 years if everything goes well, I recently even heard about 4 and 5 years, so I guess she must have become sick by...
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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    Message received! She stayes in the fridge!
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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    If it is possible, I definitely will. But today it's saturday, so lots of info will be lost by the time she will be examined I guess. She is now in the fridge, but I'll move her to the freezer later today.
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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    Unfortunately my girl died during the night...
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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    What exactly do you expect to find with the necropsy? Could you tell me more about his edema, where did he have it, any pictures?
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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    Thanks! From what I understand, this is more or less the same kind of explanation my vet is thinking about. But if so, we still haven't found what's causing this tissue wastage. The vet didn't find eggs in her laying bin after her 3 weeks stay and she ate well. We don't know yet if she is...
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    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    Anyone who could give some advice about her hips? No idea how this happened and I've never seen it before. She was with the vet for 3 week while I was on holidays, and he also doesn't know what caused this. Her overall health seems to go slightly down for a while (4-5 weeks?). She's still using...
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    Retaining sperm: Mechanism and duration?

    I am wondering if anyone could explain me how the retention of male sperm works. How do females control this? How do they decide when they want to use the sperm? Moreover I am wondering how long the different species of chameleons can retain sperm. I keep R. Brevicaudatus, so if anyone knows...
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    pygmy's health

    Too hot! Don't go over 25 degrees. Long exposure to temps >25°C is lethal for pygmies. You should keep the day temps around 18-22°C and around 10-15°C during the night. The rest of your husbandry seems allright. Maybe show some pictures of him, that makes it easier to estimate his health situation.
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    Pygmy chameleons vs. UVB

    I keep hearing different opinions about pygmy chameleons and the necessity of providing them UVB. Some say yes, others say no. So I'm asking it again: Tell me a clear YES or NO and explain to me why. :) Any scientific proof to state your opinion would be highly appreciated!
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    Tic tac eggs

    Yaaay babie's! :D
  14. Oh, there you are!

    Oh, there you are!

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    Jacksonii jacksonii healthy?

    He eats about 3-4 adult crickets a day. The vet didn't comment on his weight, only on his "bodybuilder" constitution :) Aha, so xantholopus! Someone told us jacksonii before, but we both don't see the different between these species :p Do you need any other close up pics foe that gout...
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